How to Make Money-Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki Guide

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Sell ​​your junk!

Pick up everything early on. Some of the junk you find could be worth more than $ 750! All vortices are important early on. The crap you find around Night City isn’t “owned” by anyone, so no one cares if you take it from a public place.

Most junk and consumables weigh nothing, so there’s no penalty for packing these handy things in your pocket.

  • Don’t buy crafting perks that automatically disassemble junk early on. It will also destroy the crap that sells for a lot of money, when you probably need to be in the business that sells the most crap.

With the push of a button, you can sell junk in bulk at any shop (check the bottom right corner of the screen when viewing the shop menu) and sell other items as well... If you’re not going to start crafting, consider selling additional weapons instead of disassembling them.

Remember that Night City is littered with drop stations. Drop stations are yellow stations (various sizes) marked with boxes on the map. You can quickly sell your junk there.

Take care of reported crimes

Complete NCPD reporting crimes around the map. Not only will you be rewarded for these quick jobs to earn XP with your playstyle of choice, but you will often find other products that you can sell later. Some NCPD reporting crimes are split into multiple parts, so check them thoroughly for full compensation.


Some of these are faster to complete than others, especially if you are running and shooting a gun. The assault in progress does not take more than a few minutes, but the number of enemies involved is usually so large that others may take longer.

Theft from the system

Use quick hacking a lot and get at least level 5 intelligence.Then unlock Advanced Datamine Benefits of Bleach Protocol To increase the amount of money you earn from access points (these are most often found on enemy territories as control panels, laptops, antennas, etc.). There is another level of this for upgrading the money you earn 100%.

You must earn at least $ 600 each time you hack and unlock at least one or two Datamine sequences at the first level of Advanced Datamine. The rewards are random, but most of the time I hacked and received money as a reward along with the components.

Make unlimited money (and Craft XP)

If you’re looking to make easy money, just look for dozens of vending machines scattered around Night City. In particular, Machines selling 10 Eddie items each (Not a $ 5 item)

If you find one of these vending machines, You can purchase until it is sold out..

Pick up all items purchased from the ground Add them to your inventory.

Then open your inventory and find the item you just purchased. at this point, Dismantle them all to get common and uncommon crafting materials..

unlock Mechanic craft benefits You can get more crafting materials by disassembling the item. We recommend that you use one of the reward points for this to maximize your profits.

Then go to the craft menu Make as many rare (green) weapons as possible With the resources you got. You can earn XP created for each weapon created. This is added very quickly and is available for acquisition. Unlimited Craft XP..

Look for items that sell as much as possible. Before you create an item, hover over the item to see the sale price for each item.

Finally, Head to a vendor or drop station and sell your newly created weapon for a huge profit..

Taking the Nekomata rifle in the photo above as an example, I was able to make $ 78 per eddy (because 10 cans of soda used to make the material cost 100 eddies). If you’re buying as many cans as you can and selling dozens of weapons in the city, this is an incredibly quick and easy way. Make unlimited money While exploring the night city.

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