How to Make Pokies Payout

Slots are familiar games for nearly everyone that indulges in online gambling services. These sets are loved for their simplicity in gameplay and the massive nature of their payouts. If you’re new to these games, you may be wondering how to incline them to award winnings. Well, the simple answer is that it is impossible.

Australian Pokies are developed to depend on luck when awarding payouts with little to no chances for punters to influence the odds. RNGs are the programs employed to achieve this feat, and they produce millions of codes from which the results are selected. These programs cannot be altered to favor the punter, making it impossible to sway the wins.

Although there is no way for gamblers to make slot machine pay, they can put themselves in favorable positions that ensure they can exploit payout chances when they are lucky to be landed. Below are some pointers to facilitate the maximization of winning opportunities.

Play High Bets

Slots accommodate a wide range of stakes, from as low as a penny to thousands of dollars per round. Use the highest possible stake within your budget during gameplay, even if it isn’t the maximum limit. Some pokie machines play a higher RTP for bigger wagers. In others, some bonus features have a higher chance of triggering when more massive stakes are used. Using high stakes also increases the value of combinations and bonuses.

Have a Budget

Slot games have fast gameplay that can run you dry in a short period. Even the lowest bets can accumulate to massive amounts since each round lasts only a few seconds. Since pokies are slotted to lose more than win, it is best to treat the indulgent like entertainment with a cost. Set aside an amount you can lose comfortably without straining your finances. Divide the amount into ideal bet potions and find slots that accommodate the limits. Once the amount is depleted, wrap up gameplay for another time despite whether you are ahead or behind. Trying to chase your losses if you receive the short end of the stick will only result in more losses.

Save Winnings

While slot machines have higher odds in favor of the house, they offer the best payouts in casinos. Whenever you are lucky enough to land decent winnings, save them to give you a better chance at walking away with more than you lose. For instance, if you start your betting session with $1,000 and end up with $4,000 after some time, save the extra $3,000. Even if you end up losing $1,000 the second time over, you will still have a profit of $2,000. You can cash out the amount or use it to explore sets with higher betting limits.

Play High RTP Pokies

Slot winnings are not predictable, but there can be theoretical projections of how it is likely to pay depending on its math model. One such metric is the Return to Player rate that indicates the percentage of bets players can expect over a long period. For example, a pokie with a 99% RTP rate will most likely pay $99 for bets amounting to $100 over an extended period.

This rate is determined after observing the game over millions of spins. The best-paying sets have the highest theoretical return rates. Some games have their RTP rate as a range rather than a single figure. In most cases, placing higher stakes or purchasing a bonus is the key to exploiting the highest percentage.

Choose the Best Volatility

Volatility in slot machines tells the intensity and frequency their winnings are likely to occur. This payout metric mainly appears in one of three ways: high, medium, and low volatility. High variance pokies are likely to award massive wins between long losing sessions. Low variance slots shorten the losing periods but are more likely to grant small payouts. Medium volatility pokies have a balance between both elements. If you have a big bankroll, it is best to explore high volatility games to enjoy big payouts and still have enough to survive the losing bouts. Smaller budgets are best suited for low variance pokies that can boost the bankroll regularly, even with small winnings.

Select Ideal Casinos

The internet provides access to thousands of gambling sites, but not all of them are worthy of attention. Many of these sites operate using rogue terms that can cost you real money or information security. Such websites change slot odds making it nearly impossible to profit from gameplay or make their withdrawal terms challenging to meet. The best casinos adhere to high standards of service provision that make the activity enjoyable, and if you’re lucky, profitable. Ideal gaming clubs have;

  • Security measures like SSL encryption to keep out prying parties
  • Licenses and seals of approval from recognized institutions
  • A wide variety of slot machines suited to diverse needs
  • Bonuses and promotions suited for slot gameplay
  • Cross-platform accessibility on PC and mobile gadgets
  • Responsive client care

Use Casino Bonuses

Incentives are a great tool to chase slot winnings since they are casino funds. Most gambling dens have bonuses to convince punters to commit real money of their own. These incentives often target pokie machines, and they come as actual cash or free spins. The boons can be limited to use in the sets or open to other casino games, but slots have the highest clearance rate. Consider bonuses that have reasonable terms like low wagering requirements and long shelf life. Also, confirm that you’re eligible for the reward either as a new or returning gambler.

Confirm Game Winnings

Each pokie machine has a paytable that divulges the unique payout values for symbol combinations. The displayed information can be static or dynamic and reveals whether the wins are worth chasing within the stipulated bet limits. Also, use the accompanying bonus features to weigh the decision. Pokies with low icon payouts and numerous bonus features are as ideal as those with high combination wins and only a few incentives.


Making slot machines pay does not entail applying skill to gameplay. Instead, it is setting yourself up to exploit any winning chance that comes by, and these pointers are handy when doing so.

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