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Hello everyone! Seiji Aoki, Chief Producer of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, will be available to PlayStation Plus members at no additional charge until August 2. It is now also available as part of the PlayStation Now library.

It was an incredible month to see millions of players returning to the ring in this legendary combat series. In particular, see for the first time all new players experience the deep strategies and complex balances that define Virtua Fighter’s combat. Today, we offer top tips for newcomers to take the first step towards becoming the legend of the next World Fighting Tournament.

Deceptive simplicity

Virtua Fighter uses intuitive and simple controls compared to many other fighting games. There are only three basic commands: punch, kick, and guard. Each can be done with one button. It’s easy? Almost none.

Combining only these three buttons with different movements of the stick will literally open hundreds of combinations for each character. With the addition of dynamic strategies for combat taking place in 3D stages, you will begin to experience the true depth behind such a simple control scheme. Perfecting the timing needed to perform the right combo at the right time is the first step towards learning Virtua Fighter.

For new players, the first destination must be in training mode. Every Virtua Fighter has powerful tutorials, and the VF5 Ultimate Showdown is no exception. Taking the time to learn the basic systems and movements before trying more complex combinations will pay off when you’re ready to dive into competitive play.

The first two moves to learn are takedown attacks and breakfalls (fall recovery). Virtua Fighter allows you to continue attacking when your opponent is down (or take damage if it is down). Accumulating (or avoiding) additional damage after a significant takedown is often the difference between victory and defeat.

Another important system to learn is how the basic frame works. Understanding how frames work can help you intuitively perform the right attack or counter in a particular situation. It’s a difficult system to master, so it’s best to remember to “defend immediately if an attack is blocked” and “continue to attack immediately if blocked” when you first start.

Learning to do these two things reliably will help you on the path to experiencing the fast-paced, fluid battles that are unique to this game.

Choose the right character

Every Virtua Fighter character has its own combat style with a variety of combos to choose from. Choosing the right character for your playstyle (and mastering your choices) makes all the difference when you dive into competitive play.

If you’re a new player, we recommend starting with one of three characters: Jackie Bryant, Jeffrey McWild, and Sarah Bryant.

Jackie is a relatively standard and well-balanced character. If you’re just looking to lower your basic movements, he’s a great choice. His somersault kick (↖K (When facing right) is an effective way to point the table at an avid opponent, but be aware that you overuse it for more advanced fighters.

Jeffrey is a powerful character who can do a lot of damage using the unruly Pankration combat style that combines boxing, wrestling and kicking. His command is very simple, so try participating in a knee attack (➔ K Mix slowly (when facing right) or for heavy damage.

Sarah is a slightly more technical fighter and her diverse martial arts style makes use of many kicks. Focus on learning combos that open up a very elegant combat style.

No matter which character you start with, take the time to learn basic movements and combos in training mode before testing your skills in competitive play. The practice will bear fruit, and once you’ve felt all of the many combinations and move sets available, you’ll begin to truly experience the depth of gameplay offered by Virtua Fighter.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown: How to master your fighting style

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