How to merge Google Photos accounts

Combining two or more Google Photos accounts makes it easy to find specific photos and videos using Google’s advanced search.

Google Photos One of the best ways to store your private photos and videos online, And while it is possible to share with others, it may make sense to simply merge the accounts for easy access. There is no one-click option to do this, but combining photos and videos from more than one Google Photos account is relatively easy, just a few steps.

Google Photos Great choice for storing videos and photos The cloud protects these memories from potential loss compared to backing up memory to a hard drive that is more likely to fail over time. Google maintains a vast amount of infrastructure to ensure reliable storage and connectivity, powering most of the Internet. This means that gigabytes and even terabytes of media backups can be safely and easily accessed using Google Photos’ advanced search capabilities.

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It is possible to integrate your Google Photos account and it takes just a few steps and a little patience. Users can only combine two accounts at a time, but they can repeat the same sequence and merge more. To start the process, users must set up partner sharing from a secondary account that will be merged with other primary accounts. Google Photos settingsThe Sharing section gives you the option to send an invitation to start sharing with others. When you accept the invitation, your partner sharing settings give you the option to save all or a specific person’s photo. If you enable either, the photos and videos from the secondary will be copied to your primary account. this is, Google.. However, it is important to note that the storage will be affected. Do not remove anything from your secondary account for at least a week to confirm, as it may take several days for everything to be copied. Important images and videos will not be lost..

Reasons to integrate your Google Photos account

Google Photos

Google Photos accounts store years of memories, so searching is essential to finding photos for a particular moment. Unfortunately, You can’t search for shared photos or videos.. instead of,[共有]The tab shows a continuous feed from the sharing user. The latest ones are displayed at the top, and old photos and videos often require very long scrolling. The answer is to merge one account into another to make it easier to find a particular person or date.

The only downside to combining photos and videos from different accounts is Increased amount of storage used by Google Photos.. For example, with 15GB of free space, merging two full accounts would result in one up to 30GB, requiring a paid subscription. Unexpected migration to a new storage tier may be an unwelcome surprise for subscribers as well. But on the other hand, all of these photos and videos can now be viewed, searched and searched by date for the best results, so the benefits are worth a little extra cost. Google Photos Experience a wider library of photos and videos.

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How to merge Google Photos accounts

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