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Are you trying to publish your Instagram profile a little more? One thing you might want to think about is to make it more searchable.

In other words, you need to edit your profile so that it is more likely to appear as a suggestion below the search bar.

There are many things you can do to make it easier to find yourself on Instagram. Whether you have a brand profile you’re trying to promote or want to get a few more followers, here are some tips for optimizing your profile for search.

Enter keywords in the display name and handle

One of the first things to do as a marketing platform Hubspot suggests, Think about the keywords you want to market to your profile. Ask yourself, “What do I type in the search bar to find what I’m marketing?” For example, if your profile is a tattoo shop (or an individual tattoo artist), you might want to put a “tattoo” somewhere in both the display name and the “handle” (username starts with @).

When I type “tattoo shop” in the Instagram search bar, all the display names in the top account results include “tattoo”, and in most cases, “tattoo” (or a variation of it) somewhere on the handle. I have. @livebytheswordtattoo Sometimes my account is optimized and it shows up as a top result, but since someone I’m following is also following, it’s possible that a search through a network of people will show my account.

Search for “tattoo shop” on Instagram to find your account
Credits: Screenshots: instagram

Placing keywords in the most important places on your Instagram page is a convenient first step to optimize for your search.

Hashtag posts

If someone might come across your profile, you need to hashtag your post. Hashtags are one of the main ways Instagram can adjust search results to help people follow and discover what they’re interested in.

Continuing with the tattoo example, if a shop or artist wants to publish their work, it’s a good idea to hashtag the post with #tattoo. Keep in mind that the wider the hashtag, the wider the audience to search for it. Therefore, it will conflict with more search results.

Wide hashtags are still good! That way, you can reach a huge audience. The problem is that it can be buried in other posts with the same hashtag.Therefore, it is recommended Use multiple hashtags with different levels of specificity..

Let’s say you have a flower tattoo that you want to show off. Consider tagging your posts with the #tattoo hashtag (to reach a wide audience) When #flowertattoo (to reach a more specific audience).

Top results when searching "Flower tattoo" On Instagram

Top results when searching for “flower tattoos” on Instagram
Credits: Screenshots: instagram

If you search for “flowertattoo” on Instagram, the first 9 posts in the top 12 results will contain #flowertattoo. The other three have a flower emoji in the caption. This may suggest the role that emojis play in facilitating post-interaction. This is explained in the next tip.


Post captions are another important area where you can optimize your 2019 Survey from Social Analytics Platform Quintly Reported By today’s social mediaResearchers have investigated how caption length, hashtag usage, and even emoji usage affect Instagram users’ large and small post interactions.


According to a survey, posts without captions received the highest engagement for large profiles with more than 1 million followers. For small profiles (1,000-10,000 followers), caption lengths of 1-50 characters showed the most interactions.Yes If your profile is small, add captions to your posts, but keep them short and sweet.. For smaller accounts with 1,000 followers Less thanThe interaction was about the same between small captions (1-50 characters) and large captions (300+ characters).

How to use emoji

Now let’s talk about emoji. According to a Quintly survey, whether your profile has more than 10 million followers or less than 1,000 followers zero Emoji tended to receive Even if only slightly The amount of interaction.

For small accounts with less than 1,000 followers, captions with 10 or more emojis resulted in the most interactions on average, but captions with 1-10 emojis were far behind. did not.

For large accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers, the average interaction was highest with 4 to 10 emoji captions, but using emoji outside that range, except for zero emoji captions, The level of interaction has increased.

Take out? Use emoji in captions, whether your profile is big or small. Also, if you have a small account with less than 1,000 followers, can you go crazy and use more than 10 emojis?

Hashtag usage

Looking at hashtag usage, research found that larger profiles tended to be the most engaged when included in a post. zero hashtag. Why? I’m confused. But if you’re Ariana Grande, you probably don’t need to use hashtags to get a high level of engagement with your posts. If you’re an Ariana Grande and have the specific goal of getting the best Instagram engagement possible, it’s probably best not to use hashtags.

Also, most people reading this are actually, No Ariana Grande. In that case, If you have less than 1,000 followers Use hashtags and use many’days.. Research has shown that these small accounts have the highest levels of engagement when used. More than 10 Hashtags for their posts.

For medium-sized accounts, the data has changed a bit. Even accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers showed the highest levels of engagement when using 10 or more hashtags. However, small (but not the smallest) accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers showed the highest engagement when using a modest 1-3 hashtags. Accounts with more than 100,000 followers were most engaged when the hashtag was zero.

The best advice we can provide is Consider the size of your account Based on that, you decide how to use the hashtag.

If you want to see the full study in more detail, you can check it out here!!

Use your bio

Don’t leave it blank! Hubspot Also We suggest using “secondary keywords” in your biography.. Think about what else people are looking for, along with what you are trying to market.

What else are people related to Irezumi looking for? Is it “pierced earrings”? A “shop” to make a schedule? Maybe including your city / region will help capture the audience closest to you!Let’s see @livebytheswordtattoo Also.

@livebytheswordtattoo Instagram Bio

@livebytheswordtattoo Instagram Bio
Credit: @livebytheswordtattoo via instagram

Looking at their biography, we can see that they include “tattoos,” “piercings,” and “shops,” using both primary and secondary keywords to facilitate search optimization.

Also, the display name includes NYC, and both Williamsburg and Brooklyn are included in the biography. This, of course, gives an overview of where your users are doing business, but it also gives an overview of the large areas and the specific regions that are most likely to reach your target audience.

Post your content!Then check the “Like” and “View”

The best way we can learn is to practice, right? So if you’re not sure what’s working and what’s not, why not try trial and error?

Post content using a variety of techniques. Play around with the length of the captions. Try adding another keyword to your profile. Use more emoji. Reduce the amount of emoji used. Use more hashtags. Use fewer hashtags. And see what happens!

Which photo gets more likes and comments? Which videos are getting more views? What do the posts with the most likes have in common?

You can learn a lot about what works just by trying it out in an old college and seeing what happens next. It’s like doing your own “survey” to find out what’s optimizing Instagram.

Also, if you have a “Creator” or “Business” Instagram account, You can visit Insights for more information on post interactions and metrics..

There is a set of great tools to help you optimize your account and track your results. So get out there, build those profiles and get their interactions! We support you.

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How to optimize your Instagram profile for search How to optimize your Instagram profile for search

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