How to overcome failure and use it as a motive

Putting yourself together after a failed project, job, or experience of any kind can turn out to be daunting.It may force you to stay in bed all day office For 200th time. But while it’s a great day to hear, it’s not the best way to handle failures. It is reckless to believe that you will survive your life without making mistakes. Failure does not define anyone. It’s a way they manage their mistakes and withdraw from dirt that really reflects someone’s personality.

Understand what went wrong

You need to understand exactly what caused the error before you can move on and be ready to learn from the mistakes. An important part of this process is to check the ego at the door and analyze the situation soundly from an outside perspective. Be honest with yourself and leave no excuses.

Did you legally work your hardest? Did you freely use all the resources? Can you confidently tell yourself that the results reflect your work ethic? These are the questions that need to be focused on. If you don’t understand the shortcomings of your work, you can’t improve the flow.

“It is impossible to live without failing something, unless you live so carefully that you may not have lived at all. In that case, it will fail by default.” – JK Rowling

Do it with a little help from your friends

Despite common beliefs (or personal experiences), friends don’t just laugh at your bad decisions. Friends can give you the perfect combination of comedy relief and real-world advice.Most importantly, what will they tell you necessary Listen, not what you hear I want To hear.

I know many people who like to try to deal with setbacks on their own. This may work for some, but it’s not a bad idea to get an outside perspective from someone you trust. Even when you are driving, you rely on those mirrors to check your blind spots. Make your friends your mirror and check the blind spots of your ambitions. The correct filter for your coffee.

Like you did for them millions of times. Your friends will be happy to help you when you find yourself stuck in a foul groove. Your friends will help you … if you forgive them.

Actively receive constructive feedback

Hearing harsh criticisms of your work can be discouraging and even frustrating. But if you’re just angry with the advice, what are the benefits of having a strong support network? Rebounding from failure is not only about cheering you up, but also about taking responsibility and understanding why you failed in the first place.

Even if the project hasn’t failed, you should always accept constructive criticism. You should constantly strive to improve yourself, and sometimes that means punching. It’s not easy and requires a little mental practice, but trust my friends, it’s worth it after all.

Don’t be afraid to ask for honest feedback. It’s too easy to wrap your head in a personal effort that tends to look through rosy glasses. People will be happy to help you, but you must be willing to help.

Keep dribbling the ball

What happens if I drop the basketball? Well it bounces off. However, each time it bounces, it gets lower and lower until it settles on the ground. But if you keep dribbling the ball, it will come back. Hell, it can be even higher, depending on how hard you bounce it off.

My point is that I need to keep dribbling. You need to keep bouncing so that the ball comes back. If you don’t bounce, the ball will stop and you’ll be sitting there doing nothing. If you still don’t know how to resolve the failed task, keep moving. Go for a run, clean your apartment and organize your workspace. Do something that makes you productive in any way. The only thing worse than failure is deliberately breaking momentum.

Keep turning the gear and keep sending those juices to your head. Do you remember the movie with the fish? “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

“When we give permission to fail, at the same time we give ourselves permission to excel.” – Eloise Listad

Failure … Yeah, it’s likely to happen

I know all the motivational speakers and their mother said this before, but you can’t be afraid to fail. It’s exaggerated, but it has its benefits.If you ask me, failure doesn’t mean you I failed (Hey stay with me), that means you were brave enough to try something new and leap forward.

Unfortunately, failure is part of the process. That’s how you get things done. Do you want to know what the real failure is? You are so afraid of it that you refuse to leave your comfort zone. You have to accept that it happens, and not just once. Stick to your thinking and keep trampling until you achieve results.

Do you think Tony Hawk came out of the womb and was doing kick flips and pop shbits? of course not. But after hundreds of knee abrasions and joint blockages, he became a master. “My husband failed more than the apprentice tried,” I leave a quote that really tells me. Be tenacious, work hard, and trust yourself.

How to Overcome Failure and Use It as Motivation

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