How to play Star Wars Squadrons Co-Op

You may be lonely in space, but in Star Wars Squadrons co-op mode you don’t have to face space alone. Star Wars Squadron’s multiplayer co-op mode allows you to take up to 4 friends and form your own mini squadron while fighting the stars. Please remember. In space, no one can hear your scream unless you turn on voice chat.

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran of war between stars or unfamiliar with flying. Introducing various multiplayer modes that you can play in co-op with the Star Wars squadron.

Star Wars Squadrons Co-Op Multiplayer Mode

When you decide to go into Star Wars Squadrons multiplayer mode, you first have to decide which mode to dive into. Star Wars Squadrons has two main options: dogfight and fleet battle.


In this team deathmatch mode, up to 10 pilots will face each other in battle until death. If you’ve played Deathmatch mode in other games, it’s easy to see how this works. You can team up with up to 5 friends to play this co-op at a party or play against other players online.

Fleet battle

Fleet Battles is Star Wars Squadrons’ flagship mode and is the main focus of multiplayer co-op mode. In Fleet Battle, you and up to four other players play against another team of five pilots (real players or AI) at the party you formed, or through matchmaking, and the flagship of the other team. Destroy

When fighting in Fleet Battle mode, first do a dogfight before boarding the capital ship, then end with an attack on your opponent’s flagship. Keep in mind that you also need to protect your flagship while trying to destroy your opponent’s flagship.

Formed a Co-operative Party with the Star Wars squadron

The key to forming a Co-operative Party in Star Wars Squadrons is to use the in-game social menu. Here you can invite up to 4 other friends to the party before jumping into a dogfight or fleet battle.

Once you have a team, you can jump in right away. If you select a game mode from the multiplayer menu, your team will remain the same when you start Star War.

In Star Wars Squadrons, you can invite your friends to join the game once it’s started, or join if there’s space if the game is in progress. Select a friend from the social menu and invite your friend to the game or[ゲームに参加]Press to jump into your friends. If you have a room, or if your friends accept the invitation, you can fly with them as soon as possible.

Star Wars Squadrons has cross-play capabilities on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to playing online with friends on the same system. To do this, we need to add each other to our EA friends as we may need each other’s EA IDs, but once added to the list, inviting them to play follows the same rules as above. I will.

How To Play Star Wars Squadrons Co-Op

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