How to play Stranger Things Mod among us

The crewmate completes the task upside down, and the scammer acts as the Mind Flare and Demogorgon of Stranger Things Agains Mod.

It’s like a crossover mod that brings popular characters to Among us Space as a crew or scammer is the next major trend, and new mods open a portal from skeleton to upside down Stranger Things..The· Stranger Things Mod Among us Allows scammers to transform into one of the three monsters from Stranger Things: Mind flare, demogorgon, demodog.In other cases Among us The fraudster was overwhelmed by the remodeling of the fraudster’s role. Stranger Things Mods may be the most powerful ones that have ever existed. The crew can try to complete the task, but perhaps they just have to run and hide and try to live long enough to figure out who the monster is.

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Each of the three huge transformations of Stranger Things Among us The mod comes with new abilities used by scammers, in addition to the usual kill and sabotage abilities. Some of these can be killed by scammers from anywhere on the map, while they appear as sprites of crew members running around the map but actually controlling giant creatures. There are also things. Thankfully, the crew isn’t completely helpless and can use the upside-down portals around the map to reach tasks quickly and avoid scammers. This mod almost guarantees the scammer’s victory, but it can be fun to see how long the crew can survive against such a powerful entity.Here’s how to play Stranger Things mod in Among us..

How to play as a mind flare, demogorgon, demodog among us

The crew is terrified when they enter the skeleton upside down in the Stranger Things I'm As mod.

The· Among us Stranger Things RoleMod was programmed by @LooKuM / MRE for S Sundee And his friend, currently not generally available for download. Players may be able to participate in games that use this mod by joining the server where this mod is installed. Players can challenge the programming of the version at any time. Given its popularity, it is possible that other modders will eventually program a version of this mod to make it more widely available.

When the crew becomes a scammer at Stranger Things among us Mods, they have the option of transforming into Mindflare, Demogorgon, or Demogorgon. Each creature has its own ability to thwart and kill its crew. This is shown below.

Mind flare ability

  • Death watch: Mindflare gathers all crew and scammer crew sprites at the top of the map and randomly devours one crew, but everyone else watches to do nothing about it. Must be frozen and helpless.
  • crash: Mindflares pierce the floor with their limbs, grab the defenseless crew and beat them wildly. At the end of the animation, the corpse of the stab wound crew is left on the ground. This is technically a corpse, but the crew cannot report it.
  • haze: Mindflare creates a mist that wraps around the entire map, keeping the crew invisible for 10 seconds.

Demogorgon chases players through Admin of Among Us

Demogorgon’s abilities

  • scream: Demogorgon utters its characteristic screams, jumps to the crew’s screen and surprises them for a moment. When they are able to move again, the key bindings for all crew members will be reversed for a few seconds, making it more difficult to move properly.
  • feed: Demogorgon can reach anywhere on the map with its long tongue, grab the crew and eat.

Demo dog ability

  • Hunt down: The demo dog makes its own idle copy and selects a target from the crew’s list of colors. One copy of the demo dog attacks the selected crew and drags them off the map to kill them, but the scammers as demo dogs are free to keep moving.

Scammers can continue to interfere, perhaps Best for sabotage of reactors, doors and lights Combined with these abilities.

An emergency meeting called animation among us

Unfortunately for the crew, when any of the kill abilities are used, No corpse reported by crew.. The only way for the crew to stop the attack and vote for the suspicious scammer is to use the emergency button.It’s also difficult to guess who the scammer is when the crew is playing with Stranger Things Mod Among usThere are many ways scammers can kill as demo dogs or mind flares, watching sprites run around and try to survive with other crew members. With so many ways to develop an alibi, scammers can leave the entire game virtually undetected, making emergency crew meetings useless except for a few seconds break from action.

As typical Among us In the game, the only way for the crew to win is to complete all the tasks before the Mindflare, Demogorgon, and Demodog kill everyone, or figure out who the scammers are. Call an emergency meeting, And vote for them. This can be difficult, if not completely impossible, so players need to participate in the match, understanding that it is important to survive as long as possible in order to lead the scammer to victory. Crew members should use the portals around the map to reach the task quickly or avoid it when they find Demogorgon or Demogorgon.

Players can watch the Stranger Things mod used in the actual Among Us match in the SSundee video below.

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Among us Available on Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

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