How to play Xbox games remotely on your mobile phone

You can play the switch remotely on your phone. PlayStations 4 and 5 can be played remotely on mobile phones. But what about the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S?

Until recently, Xbox players were denied this luxury. But now it’s possible to play Xbox games on your mobile phone from anywhere. In fact, there are two ways to play Xbox games remotely on your mobile phone: the Xbox app and Microsoft xCloud.

This allows you to play all your favorite Xbox games on the go. You don’t need to bring a console. Now you can play games on your grandma’s home phone during lunch breaks at work, and perhaps even in the car (but not while driving).

This guide describes how to play Xbox games on your mobile phone using the Xbox app and Microsoft xCloud options. Both have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of the games they can access and the devices they can use to play them. You can weigh the following two options:

The Xbox app allows you to connect your phone to the console from anywhere. This allows you to play all the games downloaded to your Xbox remotely. You can also use the app to manage your console space and delete Xbox games. You can also download and share gameplay clips and screenshots.

To start playing …

  • Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S
  • Smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Xbox app
  • Bluetooth controller
  • Good internet connection

You need at least iOS 13 or Android 6.0 to download and play the app. An internet connection of 7 Mbps or higher is required (ideally 10 Mbps). Unfortunately, you can’t play games from your Xbox 360 or your original Xbox via the app.

To set up your Xbox for mobile remote play, turn on your console. Press the Xbox button on your controller. next, Profile and system >> >> Setting >> >> Connect with device >> >> Remote function..From here, scroll down Power mode Select Instant on..

Your Xbox is now set up for remote play. Next, set up the mobile and controller. Start by going to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings (depending on your iOS) and pairing your controller.After this, download and open Xbox app Then sign in using your Microsoft account. After signing in[選択]Tap My library >> >> console.. You should see the console in the options.Tap Remote play on this device.. Now you’re ready to play Xbox remotely on your mobile phone.

With Microsoft xCloud, you can play games from the cloud instead of connecting to the console. In fact, you don’t need to own an Xbox console to play games on Microsoft xCloud. However, you need a Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Since Microsoft xCloud is currently in beta, we anticipate some bugs compared to playing through the Xbox app. The major drawback of Microsoft xCloud is that it is only available to Android phone users. For iOS users, you can’t play games on Microsoft xCloud (due to Microsoft’s rivalry, this will soon be an option).

To play the game through Microsoft xCloud, you need the following elements …

  • Android smartphone
  • Game Pass Ultimate Subscription
  • Game pass app
  • Bluetooth controller
  • Good internet connection

Android users must be using 6.0 or later. A 10Mbps internet connection is recommended for playback via the cloud.

Start by subscribing to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which currently costs $ 14.99 per month, which may seem a bit expensive to some, but includes Xbox Live, EA Play, and xCloud) ..You can subscribe to this online For your mobile phone. Then download the Game Pass app to your mobile phone.

Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and connect the controller. This is done on an Android device, so the steps are as follows: Setting >> >> Connected device >> >> Pair a new device..Press and hold on the controller pair Click the button and then tap pair For your mobile phone. The controller must be connected.

Then open the Game Pass app. You’ll need to sign in to your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account. Then you can explore the app.hit cloud A tab to access xCloud. Here you can choose from a series of games that you can start playing remotely.

Currently, xCloud’s gaming options are limited, but this is undoubtedly changing in the coming months. There are still many titles to choose from at this time, but no more ambiguous game there. The bonus for the Xbox app is access to the original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, including: Hello, Gears of War And Forza, And various online games such as Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Doom Eternal And that wasteland series. This will definitely appeal to older Xbox gamers and online-only gamers.

If you already have an Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S and aren’t interested in playing retro Xbox games or online PC games, the Xbox app is probably the best option. It’s also the easiest option to set up. Plus, if you have an iPhone, this is the only option.

For those who want to play Xbox Classic and PC games as well as current Xbox games, it may be worth trying the cloud. If you don’t have an Xbox, it can be cheaper than buying a console. GamePass Ultimate costs $ 14.99 per month, but it can take years to cover the cost of the Xbox Series X / S. Remember that you need an Android device to run this option.

Whether you’re playing on the Xbox app or via Microsoft xCloud, we recommend that you consider an internet connection to maximize your chances of playing Xbox games remotely on your mobile phone. To do. You don’t want the game to be cut out constantly late. Therefore, a strong connection is essential.

Private wifi may be the safest option. If you’re traveling around someone else’s house, playing online is fine, as long as you have the right broadband. Public Wi-Fi can be a bit more temperamental depending on where you play. In hotels where many guests share Wi-Fi, it can be difficult to stay connected.

If you use data, make sure you have a suitable mobile coverage plan. You may need a 5g connection, especially if you use xCloud. Playing Xbox games on your mobile phone is likely to consume a lot of data, so consider a high-priced or unlimited data plan.Here you can compare different networks Keep this in mind as better data and coverage will be offered at a higher price.

When logging on to public Wi-Fi, consider using a VPN to keep your network secure. You can choose from a variety of VPNs. It’s worth investigating to find a reliable and affordable VPN. You can read about the benefits of VPN Here..

Many Xbox games aren’t playable on the touch screen (games that can be played on the touch screen are usually not as easy to play as they are on the controller). For this reason, we recommend a Bluetooth controller when playing Xbox games on your mobile phone. But is it possible with any controller?

Although there are several different Xbox controller options to choose from, as listed here, The best option is the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. It provides the most comfortable and fairly reliable Bluetooth connection. However, you can use any Bluetooth Xbox controller. You don’t need to use an Xbox controller. There are many generic controllers that will continue to work in both apps (even if you’re familiar with the Xbox console, you’ll want to continue using the Xbox controller).

How To Play Xbox Games Remotely On Your Phone

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