How to play Xbox in bed on iPhone and Backbone One

Backbone One – Is it better than Switch? (Photo: Backbone)

One reader gives his view on playing xCloud and Game Pass online using the Backbone One Controller Grip for smartphones.

Handheld games are something I always love, but most of the time I play games Xbox. When the Switch went on sale, I thought it was the ideal device and repeatedly wanted to be able to play Xbox games on it. When I recently discovered the Backbone One for the iPhone, it seemed like my wish had finally come true. So, after a month of use, I wanted to share my experience.

For those who don’t know what it is, it’s essentially a controller adapter for the iPhone that gives you an offset thumbstick and all the other buttons you find on your Xbox controller (the buttons also have the same letters). ). When you visit the Backbone website, it’s sold to Switch, which can improve your iPhone’s screen and speed up your processor. Plus, you don’t have to pay for online play. To provide a more console experience, they offer party chat and screen grabs to the app. Like all current generation controllers, it also has a screenshot button.

Using the hardware, you can see why it compares to a switch. Like the thumbstick, the buttons feel about the same. The difference is that the L2 and R2 shoulder buttons are the proper triggers and have a better cross key. It’s a well-made device, and I was worried that the adapter might feel a bit flimsy, but it’s solid! The spring on the back is strong, and when you secure your smartphone, the switch feels like part of it, just like the Joy-Con on the side. I’m not sure what it sounds like when you pull the ends apart and put in and take out the phone, but when you put it back in, it sounds really satisfying.

Since I’m using an iPhone XR, the screen size is basically the same as the PS Vita (the device I loved from a hardware standpoint). The first thing that stands out is that the screen is much higher quality than a regular switch, but its small size is definitely noticeable. Size doesn’t matter, but let’s face it. that’s right. That said, if it’s not too small and you’re 20 years younger and have good eyesight, that’s perfectly fine.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I mainly play games on the Xbox. I have nothing to others and own other devices. That is my personal preference. That’s why I also have an Apple Arcade subscription, but I mainly used the backbone for Xbox Remote Play and xCloud. PlayStation remote play, Stadia, GeForce can be run as well. When I bought the backbone, it also came with a 3-month Game Pass Ultimate. That’s about half the price of the backbone.

Experiences vary, and even if you’re in the same room as your Xbox, both ways of playing depend on your internet connection, so the quality you get depends on it. Personally, I think Remote Play is better, but the situation is different. Overall, it works and works well, but in some cases it doesn’t, otherwise it doesn’t really work. This isn’t really an internet speed issue either. Response time is fine (I’m only playing over Wi-Fi), it’s a stability issue.

If something interferes with your TV streaming, you won’t notice it because the device buffers the content. If the game has 2-5 seconds of interference and everything happens instantly, it’s like someone turning off the TV and continuing to play the game. It would be really helpful if Microsoft could detect this and find a way to auto-pause. This only affects me once in 20 times and the answer is really to come back later. During the month I had the device, I was a week away, using only xCloud to complete Batman’s decent chunk, Arkham Knight.

When it comes to the gaming experience, something like Ascent was perfect and Batman found it awkward. In reality, the opposite is true. I had no problems playing Batman, but the text in The Ascent was too small to know which button to press. For all, there was a part I decided I had to go back to TV to complete the difficult section.

Perhaps this was due to Mirror’s Edge lag, or just the timing was wrong (probably the latter), but most of the time it was in the middle of a button mashing battle due to the small screen. Sometimes the game has become less responsive. At Drake Hollow, I virtually gave up fighting a more difficult battle to defend my base. I haven’t played so many racing games and I think it’s likely to be easy to play, but not to set a lap record.

Games like Night In The Woods work really well. It fits on the screen of the phone and feels almost made for the device. I feel this is a really elaborate way to play something that should be done on your phone in the first place, except that you can’t help it. If so, it will probably load faster.

Overall, I think the hardware is almost perfect. The gaming experience is solid for a companion device, but I’m worried that xCloud and other users may not work as expected. How many times do you put up with connection stability issues before they are postponed? Similarly, if your game is designed for a much larger screen, it won’t always translate well. But for me playing with this and a real Xbox, that’s great. The ability to sit in bed, try out xCloud games on your phone with the right controls and decide to install later is definitely worth the price.

After I bought the backbone, I started selling it in the UK instead of buying it from the US site. It costs more than conversion, but you can benefit from UK retail law.

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How an iPhone and Backbone One let me play Xbox in bed – Reader’s Feature

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