How to prepare PS4 for PS5

Moving to a new console raises the big question of what to do with the last generation consoles. PS5 allows for more seamless migration between generations and allows you to carry your library, mainly thanks to backward compatibility. However, there are some things you can do with the PS4 to get ready for the PS5 and prepare for the next generation of games.

Maybe you were lucky enough to get your PS5 today. Perhaps we are still waiting for Target to be updated with tracking information. Or you could just be one of those who are postponing (or someone who hasn’t yet succeeded in securing a PS5 order). No matter what, here’s how to prepare your PS4 for your PS5 while waiting for a new console.

How to prepare PS4 for PS5

External hard drive

If you don’t already have an external hard drive, get one and load it into your PS4 game. The PS5 can use the PS4’s external hard drive as a plug-and-play device, allowing it to (almost) play the entire library through backward compatibility. You don’t have to re-download or transfer your PS4 games to your new PS5, just load the games onto your external hard drive and you’ll have instant access in your new console.

In addition, for new PS4 games downloaded to PS5, the new console will by default place the PS4 games on an external drive to save SSD space. Given the limited space for PS5 games that need to run SSDs, you should put as much as you can on your external drive.

For this purpose, we recommend a number of good external hard drives, such as the 5TB WD_Black, which provides ample storage space for the PS4 library.

Back up save data

What are the benefits of using the entire PS4 library if you need to start all over again? Be sure to back up your saved files from your PS4 so you don’t have to miss a beat when playing games on your PS5. There are several ways to back up your saves. PlayStation Plus members have a free cloud storage option (automated if this setting is turned on). Please double check that all the save data currently uploaded are up to date before using it on PS5.

If you don’t have the PS Plus cloud storage option or you don’t trust it, you can also easily transfer your saved files via USB drive. You also have the option to transfer directly from PS4 to PS5.

Set up for PS5 remote play

I have a PS5, so don’t throw it away! Sony recently added the PS5 Remote Play Tool to the PS4, making it effective as a remote hub for the PS5. Personally, I moved the PS4 to the office, allowing the PS5 to keep a new home in the living room. However, you can use PS5 Remote Play on your PS4 to access your PS5 from your office without the need for a second console. This is a great option if you have multiple rooms where you want to have your PS5, or if you don’t want to carry your PS5 with you. If you put the PS4 in your suitcase instead, you can remotely access your next-generation (current-generation) console at home.

And that’s basically it. When you log in to your PS5, almost all PSN ID settings are seamlessly inherited, making the process much easier and easier. Some of the additional details above are very cool options for extending the range of your PS5 console, as well as avoiding wrinkles when setting up on a new system.

Did you miss anything here? How can I make PS4 compatible with the new generation PlayStation? Please let us know in the comments below.

How to Get Your PS4 Ready for the PS5

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