How to Promote an Indie Game or Indie Game Store

The development and play of computer games has become a popular way to stay entertained and keep in touch during the 2020 COVID epidemic.

Thanks to the rise of affordable game development software and cross-generational coders, many people are trying to develop their own games and add them to their own websites and online stores, or promote them through the online community. is.

If you have a marketing budget, you can use social media ads and Google Shopping ads to promote your game. Please note that some ad formats have certain prerequisites. For example, to use Google Shopping ads, you need a website that clearly states your return policy and contact details (such as your phone number). If you’re expecting a lot of interest in the game, it might be worth getting a phone answering app or hiring an overseas virtual assistant to handle your emails and calls!

Most indie developers run on a small budget and don’t have the money available to pay for online advertising. However, if you have the time, there are many free methods available.

Ironically, one of the first rules about organic marketing is not to “sell.” Provide value, build a loyal foundation for your followers or tribes, and then carefully promote your game …

You also need to make sure that the game is good. You can have the best community in the world, but if your game isn’t good, there’s no way for a real gaming community to help you promote it.

You need skills

To promote your game for free, investing in yourself and building your skills can be very helpful.

  • Graphic design
  • Email marketing
  • Website development
  • Copywriting
  • Video editing

Most of these skills can be learned for free by following the YouTube tutorials or by finding free courses on websites such as

Mastering all these new skills may seem like a daunting task. If you can successfully master and apply the above skills, the demand for skill sets will be very high. Companies offer graphic designers, video editors and developers for high salaries and career prospects. So even if the game is a flop, if you have a career in digital marketing and development, you can thank yourself five years later.

Define your audience

A salt-worthy marketer of his or her saying says that in order to promote a brand, product, or service, you must first define your audience. Once you know your audience, identify their “requests” and “needs” so you can create content that addresses these issues and concerns.

Who buys your game?

What are they interested in?

Where do they live?

How old are they

Where are they hanging out online?

What problems do they have?

How do they find the game? – YouTube trailers, Twitch, online communities, social media?

Build your authority

To become an authority on a particular “space” or niche, you need to find a place where your viewers hang out online. For platforms like Reddit, contribute to the discussion there. You also need to find popular topics and searches and do research on Google and the websites where your viewers live.

For example, to use Google’s predictive search feature, search for a specific phrase, such as “indie game,” and add an “a” (“indie game a”) at the end to get the predictive search that Google offers. confirm. Below the Google Chrome address / search bar. Then type “indie game b” and make a note of the relevant search.

Run this az until you reach “Indie Game z”. Another way to investigate related topics is to perform a Google search, scroll to the bottom of the search results page, and note the relevant “related search” that Google suggests.

Visit all relevant online communities to see what people are looking for and discussing. For example, in game subreddit, do you have a lot of questions about new consoles, virtual reality games, and so on?

It’s also a good place to see Twitch. Do you have many streams that cover the same game or topic? Instagram is also a treasure trove of information, just search for relevant hashtags to see the images and videos commonly displayed in the results.

The content is the king

Once you have a list of potential topics, it’s time to create the content. Check out what content is already available online and see if you can significantly improve it. Is it possible to create more visual, more interactive, and more detailed content to make it easier to understand? Can you create rich media that fits the style of a particular community or social media platform, in addition to being included in your blog post?

You can also create a Youtube channel. Video is the backbone of many social media marketing campaigns. Marketers first create high-quality videos for YouTube, then trim and edit the content into video, GIF, and meme “snippets” suitable for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.

By creating great content, we aim to create a “tribe” of loyal fans and supporters who promote your work. It’s important to participate in conversations and comments by saying blog posts and videos regularly, for example weekly. Don’t forget the “ASK” rule-the audience remains king!

Interact with the viewer

Yes, we are still working with that audience – the audience we identified at the beginning of your marketing and promotion efforts.

To create an evangelical foundation, once you’ve created some thought-provoking content, consider creating a live stream on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook.

The purpose is to be available in real time and participate in the discussion. If you can be genuine and helpful in this environment, you will probably build a growing community of passionate supporters.

Promote the game

It’s a good opportunity to promote your game as it has provided great value to your viewers. A good way to do this is to release a beta and ask for feedback. When you update your game with feedback, your viewers will feel they are part of the development process and are much more likely to help promote your game.

You can also share your marketing plans with your viewers. Again, their feedback is very valuable and you will feel that they are investing in its success, much like you! Finally, ask for help when it’s released. For example, if you have a blog email subscriber, ask them to provide a review and support your content, or share a Youtube video to support your marketing campaign.

Other simple tips for promoting your game:

  • Visit Metacritic to find contact details for people who have reviewed similar games
  • Please contribute to Reddit and then post about “journey” rather than directly about the game
  • Ask “authoritative” Redditor, YouTuber, and Twitchers if they want to join the game or join the game
  • Contact relevant journalists on Twitter

I’ve seen so many great videos about how Thomas Brush promotes games like this, so few gamers or developers want to talk to journalists.

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How to Promote Your Indie Game or Indie Gaming Store

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