How to really live and appreciate life at that moment

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

Thinking that everything is alive at the moment things are depressed, a 4-year-old kid comes in and shows how it’s done.

I have been working hard on this. In fact, I keep a diary of gratitude and everything. Yesterday, I was pretty happy with my progress when I decided to take my 4-year-old kid for a walk instead of rushing through the to-do list to pierce the back of my head.

“I’m going to attend completely,” I reminded myself when I left. I took a deep breath and quietly thanked the beautiful day.

As I said, I was pretty proud of my progress. Then my daughter blew me away. She taught me everything I’ve been working on, and she didn’t even try.

Her commentary on the walk looks exactly like this:

Oh, what a wonderful house!

What a wonderful trash can!

Wow, what a wonderful tree!

Look at the rocks!

I can hear the birds!

I can hear the wind chimes!

Mom, can you hear that dog? That’s perfect!

I can hear the truck!

Do you feel the wind? It’s very soft!

Look at the beautiful cactus,

look! Two trucks.

She was very surprised that I didn’t notice or even worse complained.

Now I was completely unaware. I was grateful for another spring day before the heat of summer and enjoyed this unusual one-on-one time with her.

But I never thought my neighbors had a wind chime. I’ve never seen a trash can and called it great (at least not since I was 4 years old). This perfect dog is the same dog I’m complaining to my husband. The wind was messing up my hair.

While she was happy to see the ants on the sidewalk, there were at least a thousand other concerns competing for my attention.

Sometimes I wish I could look a little more like her.

She didn’t care if I emailed the attachment. She didn’t care how many calories we burned on the walk. She chose exactly what she liked, so she didn’t have to match her clothes.

I didn’t mean to erase this from my memory and be overtaken by a thousand more concerns.

I thought, “I’m surprised.”

I repeated to myself how you give your phone number.

“Surprise” I scribbled the first piece of paper I found when I got home as fast as possible.

Please be surprised.

I have set a reminder for my calendar. I made post-it. I wrote it down in my diary.

Please be surprised.

I don’t want to forget this feeling. This absolute clarity.

My mind can be the hardest criminal for my own well-being. It quickly robs my hands of joy. It confuses busy with important, urgent and important, and difficulty of meaning.

My mind gives too much space for the future and the past. It depends on what the neighbor is doing. It reminds me that I haven’t achieved it yet. It wants to speed up time, and it goes through those moments that are astonishing.

Sadness was born with this clarity. My heart just had a lost opportunity and broke to thank.

I think that’s the bittersweet part of life.I can’t wait until this one difficult part is over, but then lost And you can’t go back.. There is a new stage to replace it, and the cycle continues.

Soon, these are to new parents with rounded eyes and self-conscious teenagers (and basically those who are in one of those stages who wanted to rush through when you were there) Say it’s the best year.

“Enjoy this as much as you can. It goes very fast,” you say.

Please be surprised.

In retrospect, I found that the days I once wanted to go by were actually the hardest to let go. I could scold myself for this, or I could remember what I was surprised at now.

For some reason, time goes on. The old ones are new, the new ones are old, and you have another chance to be amazed.

Each new stage is also another chance to be kind to yourself about the whole thing. It is humanly impossible to love every second of life while it is happening. I’m not surprised even at the age of 4 all time.

Did this little walk with my 4-year-old kid remind me that even simple things are great, and that I complain? They are life and feasible. Certainly, life now is different from life before a child (and life before a husband). I am doing something different from my friends. Perhaps my life hasn’t caught up with someone else’s amazing definition.

so what?

You can be surprised anyway.

Please be surprised.

From now on, these two words will be the compass that guides me when I feel like I don’t have everything together. Even if you get completely lost, it will tell you the direction you want to go.

Please be surprised. Take a step back and look at your life from time to time with gratitude.

Please be surprised. Squeeze out the goodness of all the last ounces from what’s around you. Please taste it. Absorb it. Luxury in it.

Please be surprised. If you have burnout, bone fatigue, or embarrassment, use surprises to rejuvenate. Look for situations, people, and activities that remind you of what that means and how it surprises you.

And what are those painful parts? What you know, really, really hurts. What you barely survive. Maybe there’s a little room for surprise there as well.

The surprise when you make it on the other side.

Surprise how much you can hold your heart.

Surprise for your resilience, healing ability, and ability to maintain love and hope.

Be amazed by your spirit. Your tenacity. Be amazed at that part of you who never give up.

You get only one shot in your life and you have no complete control over what happens to you in it. Take advantage of the options you have.

I choose to be surprised.

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