How to release bricks-Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki Guide

Final edit:

Brick is a former Maelstrom boss who lost to Royce. The optional purpose is to release the brick during the main pickup job. Here’s how to do this:

You can see that the bricks are trapped in what looks like a small closet in the second large battle room. On the left side of the room are two elevated subrooms with glass windows, and his door is between them.

There are two options for locked doors.

  • You can hack the door control itself to remotely trigger some RAM and open the door to access the bricks.
  • In the room with the detonator next to the brick, look at the central table on the right to find the closed laptop, open it and read the email. One of them is labeled “Only you know”. This contains the code to the door-9691

When you open the door, Brick warns that the laser mine is pointing at him correctly-when he moves, he dies. Looking at the room on the right, there is a detonator on the table near the door. If you feel pretty ruthless, you can explode it and kill the brick, otherwise disable it.

After releasing the brick and disabling the mine, he technically tells you that he is renting one. If I see him again after this, he promises to help you-that is, he will probably!

If you scan the bricks, you may find that there is a fair amount of prize money in NCPD’s head- 5,000 vortices!! It’s up to you if you’re looking for someone in debt later in the adventure or if you want cash now.


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