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Yesterday, WWE announced the date and location of the 2022 Royal Rumble pay-per-view event. The event will take place on January 29th from the American Center Dome. This will be the second pay-per-view coming in January 2022, as the first day of WWE is set to January 1.

Curiously, WWE usually doesn’t announce tables, ladders, and chairs 2021, so they know it better than the pay-per-view name scheduled for December 12.

I’m completely depressed when I see the TLC not returning and the pay-per-view being replaced by something else. However, it’s completely unknown at this point, and it’s unclear if anything else will be announced in October, November, or December.

Look at the WWE pay-per-view schedule (When 2021 Only the following Crown Jewels, the Survivor Series, and the “Unknown, Probably TLC” remain confirmed this year (especially the version). Over the past few years, I’ve seen Saudi Arabian shows accompanied by pay-per-view in another state, but it’s almost October and nothing has been announced yet. For example, it’s been a while since I didn’t get the Clash of Champions, which is strange.

This will allow you to think about event names that were on the 2021 WWE pay-per-view list and are still missing, and if WWE stops using those names, whether they will be there after this year. became. ..

Let’s take a look at some of the dormant events and find out their purpose, without any further hassle.


Some of these pay-per-view deficiencies may have been simply due to a pandemic, or are still visible this year and have not yet been announced.

Super showdown = If the Saudi Arabia show continues and travel makes it possible, we can assume that the Super ShowDown will come in February or March 2022.

Halloween havoc = We still have time to announce this as a special episode of NXT 2.0. I hope they haven’t thrown it away and they keep making it every year.

War game = If you have a takeover pay-per-view left for a year, this is probably called this. It will happen sometime in November, probably on the 28th.

Homage to the army = This is not a pay-per-view, but it is still a special event. It would be shocking not to do this sometime in December.They record Something This is called this, even if it was pre-recorded before Raw or SmackDown.

TLC = As I said, I still don’t know what the December event will be called. It’s curious because they usually announce this quite a bit in advance because they haven’t specified it as a TLC yet. Traditionally, the TLC will take place in December, so I think this will follow, but here we’ve selected some of the other options and are fully committed to not forcing the TLC match on the card. ..

Slammy Award = This is another special show of a kind that is not pay-per-view. Last time it was held as a digital show such as The Bump. It’s very unlikely that you’ll spend any more resources on this, so you’ll probably come back that way again. Not suitable for live in-ring products at all.

Champions clash

This was the real spark of this article, as I was surprised that the Clash of Champions didn’t happen at all this year.

To be honest, the event has lost a lot of brilliance since all championship belts were no longer in the Night of Champions, which somehow lined up. Without it, it really doesn’t make sense.

But what WWE misses here is what’s called the Clash of Champions Week. Head to the Survivor Series after the 2021 WWE Draft and set up a champion-to-champion match to see all Raw, NXT, NXT UK, and SmackDown titles.I’m talking All championships..

At the very least, it must be the Raw and SmackDown rosters that line up all the belts to establish whether these champions deserve to represent the brand.

Of course, depending on the situation, you may need to change your hand with at least one belt. Even if it’s a 24/7 title, it must be at least one that will be exchanged for someone new just to make it interesting. You need to maintain the quality of the Survivor Series, but you need to give your fans a reason to pay attention to the week. Branding in this way makes you feel more special and your reputation goes up.

Alternatively, this should be what is called a Champion vs. Champion match in the Survivor Series. Sure, they’re a champion clash, right?

No mercy

Given that Extreme Rules had one Extreme Rules match across the card and the Triple Threat match was rarely disqualified, WWE shouldn’t have called this past Sunday event its Monica.

Instead, it shouldn’t have been mercy. It’s a generic name enough, and one that’s unforgettablely tied to the company.

Get rid of Extreme Rules for my money. The event goes beyond its usefulness and it serves no purpose unless it intends to give regulation to every match.

Full load

I may be a minority, but I really like the name Fully Loaded. Like No Mercy, I think it’s versatile and can be used at any time for general events where you don’t have to worry about filling in some sort of gimmick.

The good thing is they can Gimmick this if they want. It can be a “fully loaded card” in so many words. Big names, regulations, etc.

It’s unlikely that this will come back soon, but if I’m doing things, at least I’m running subtitles such as the NXT TakeOver event. Instead, it may work well as a TV special, such as “Fully Loaded Smack Down”.

New Year’s Revolution

At NXT New Year’s Revil and WWE Day 1, they decided to just give it a new name, not New Year’s Revolution.

I have two opinions about this. If you already have an established name, why not continue using that name? On the other hand, the New Year’s Revolution isn’t that big, even if I think it’s the best of the three, so I don’t mind a ton.

Then keep this as a live event tour. That’s what WWE has done in the past.

Beyond the limit

Like Fully Loaded, I think I need to undo the Over the Limit, but I’m not going to throw it anywhere. It’s a pay-per-view in the middle of where, and it’s very likely that it will work just as effectively, but admit it sounds a bit cheesy.

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How to reuse a missing champion-PPV name clash from 2021 How to reuse a missing champion-PPV name clash from 2021

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