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How to send a secret message on your iPhone

Notes collaboration features allow multiple people to read and edit a single note in real time. That is, anyone in the memo can actually talk to each other. All they need to do is write down something, as you do through the text. Then others will respond.

But why use Notes for this, not just? message??Especially when you can do it soon Edit and unsubmit text??

Unlike text messages, conversations in memos can be “self-destructing” with a little intervention. Snapchat.. After you write a message, others can delete it and send their response, and you can delete it and replace it with your response. You were able to have an incredibly long conversation-without evidence that it has ever happened.

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If you want to learn how to turn your notes into hidden conversation locations on iOS, you need to know the following:

Make a note

On your iPhone, launch the memo app and create Click the button at the bottom right to create a new note. Then enter something in the memo and hold it. Otherwise, it will be automatically deleted when you finish the memo. You can move to an existing memo, but it’s a good idea to start with a new one.

First, create a new memo or go to an existing memo.

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Edit note sharing options

Once you’ve created and prepared your notes, you can start the process of adding another person as a co-editor. In other words, you can read and edit the contents of the memo.Tap to get started more Click the button on the top right to Share note..

Tap now Stock options Please confirm Can be changed [権限]and[オプション]Is selected.You also need to switch it off Anyone can add people In case you want to be the only person who can add co-editors to your notes. After completing these settings, you will be returned to the last page.

iPhone memo app

Then manage what co-editors can do.

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Add collaborators to share links

Then choose how you want to share your notes. You can send it by text message, email, social media, etc.You can also select it by swiping the sharing option Copy the linkYou can copy the memo link to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you like.

In this example, Copy the link Option to share notes.

[リンクのコピー]At the top of the page, enter the email address or phone number of the person accessing the memo.You can also tap addition Icon for searching contacts. I need to add a contact to the memo. If you share a link without adding a contact, others will not be able to view or edit your notes, even if the link exists.

At the end, copy Link Copy the memo link to your clipboard and share it with your collaborators.

iPhone memo app

Then add a collaborator.

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Communicate secretly via notebook

The other person on the receiving side must open the memo link to accept the invitation. Once approved, you’ll be redirected to the Notes app and the collaborative notes you created.

To communicate, just type something in the memo and others can see it in real time without pressing send. You will also be notified whenever a note changes.

Each person in the memo sees the corresponding color (for just a moment) so others know who typed what. You can also swipe right from the center of the note to see the name of the person who wrote the message, the time stamp of the date and time the message was written, and the corresponding color.

iPhone memo app

Now you can communicate secretly with your friends and family.

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You can also tap Share note Go to button (with checkmark icon) Manage shared notes Then switch on Highlight all changes.. That way, all messages will be permanently highlighted in the corresponding color, making the conversation easier to read.

Also, if you want to be more discreet in communication, delete your message or someone else’s message and remove it from your notes. That way, your conversation will be similar to that of Snapchat, and temporary or short-lived messages won’t be able to tell if an outsider has snooped on your notes. This can be done using any text, photo, video, link, drawing, or other attachment to add to the note in the note.

Completely delete secret conversations

Not all secret conversations last forever, so it’s time to end them.

If you are the owner of a note and want to keep the note for everyone, but you don’t want it to be editable, you can easily do it.Tap on the top right View participants After pressing the button Manage shared notes.. To remove a participant, swipe left on the participant’s name, then delete Alternatively, you can tap the name and then tap it. Remove access..

iPhone memo app

To end the memo conversation, remove the collaborators or stop sharing the memo.

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In addition, you can tap Stop sharing option. Not only removes participants from notes, but also removes notes from all devices.

If you are not the owner of the memo, just delete the memo from the memo application.

How to send a secret message on your iPhone How to send a secret message on your iPhone

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