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Hello everyone. Welcome to “How It Started” and “How It Ended”. Today’s column is about the self-proclaimed “Best in the World” CM Punk. In the course of the column, we’ll look at how punk’s career began with ECWWE, his biggest feud pair, and how it all led to a disastrous outage. Now that we’ve caught up, let’s see what’s happening with CM Punk.

CM Punk made his WWE television debut on July 4, 2006 as a member of the ECW locker room. Punk made his first appearance by talking about his “straight edge lifestyle” and cutting promotions. On August 1st, CM Punk made his debut in the ring against Justin Credible in a singles match. The match took place in the Hammerstein Ballroom and Punk won through Anaconda Vice. Punk continued his hot start, beating Stevie Richards, Shannon Moore, Mike Knox and others to build an impressive streak. Punk continued to succeed through the Survivor Series event of the year when Straight Edge superstars made their pay-per-view debut. Punk, along with DX and The Hardy Boyz, defeated Mike Knox, Gregory Helms, Johnny Nitro and Rated RKO. With early momentum, Punk won the title shot, and in December, CM Punk made his first attempt to win gold by participating in the ECW Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber Match. Unfortunately for Punk, he was eliminated by Rob Van Dam early in the match. Punk continued to win more than he lost throughout 2007, and in the September 4th edition of ECW at SyFY, Punk claimed the ECW Championship. CM Punk defeated John Morrison in the title via GTS. During his reign as a champion, Punk defeated Elijah Samuel, and Big Daddy V. Punk also cleared up Ms. and John Morrison on Cyber ​​Sunday. This was the title triple threat match. Punk continued to rule as a champion until January 22, 2008, in an ECW episode on SyFy. In that episode, Punk seemed to defend his title in an unqualified match against Chabo Guerrero, but eventually fell into defeat after allowing a spear from Edge to cover Chabo. .. Although his 143-day reign as the ECW World Heavyweight Championship is over, CM Punk and his WWE career have just begun.

After winning the annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match and World Heavyweight Championship Run at WrestleMania, Punk regained his contract. Edge, who had previously won cash for Punk to begin his first reign as a champion, took on Jeff Hardy in a ladder match. His career is to win a second contract after Hardy wins the match and Punk crashes the ring. On June 28, CM Punk defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Hardy in a 2009 pay-per-view known as The Bash. During the match, Punk kicked the referee after hitting his face from Hardy. The referee called Bell and Hardy won the match, but Punk retained the title. Punk didn’t know that Kick had hit the referee, as Hardy later explained that he had hurt his eyes. Hardy didn’t buy what Punk tried to sell him, and Punk turned his heels for the first time. Punk soon began to blame Hardy for his past problems with drugs and alcohol, claiming to be better than anyone who didn’t live a “straightedge lifestyle.” At the Night Of Champions event, the pair continued their second single match in a now heated feud. The end of the match came when Punk tried to leave the match and hold the title by counting out. Hardy continued to attack, stopped the puncture, and then hit the ring back. Hardy then struck a swanton bomb with punk, ending more than 100 days of reign as a champion. Just a month later, the two superstars faced each other in their third clash, this time in SummerSlam. Punk regained his title against TLC and won his third World Heavyweight Championship in the process. Immediately after the match, the lights began to flicker and the undertaker bell rang. When the punk stood on Hardy, the light went out, and when the light turned on again, a taker appeared and the chalk hit the punk. The attack foresaw a future feud with the Undertaker, but Punk and Hardy had an unfinished job. The end of the Punk and Hardy story ended with the August 28 episode of SmackDown. There, the two played in the Leaf WWE Steel Cage match, the loser of the World Heavyweight Championship. Punk retained his title and forced Jeff Hardy to leave the company, ending the fierce competition between the two. His problem with Hardy is over, but the aforementioned feud with “Dead Man” has been waiting for a puncture.

With Jeff Hardy out of the way and the title back around his own waist, CM Punk headed for what would become a renowned rival to The Undertaker. At the 2009 Breaking Point event, the two squared in a tough submission match. At first the undertaker won. “Taker won the match through Hell’s Gate’s submitted hold, but SmackDown general manager Teddy Long overturned the decision by considering Hold as illegal. The referee resumed the match and Punk was a sub of Anaconda. Locked mission hold. Referee Scott Armstrong called Bell at the “Screw Job” finish. Punk won the battle, but due to the controversial victory, the war may not be over at this point. Taker and Punk clashed again in the SmackDown episode, competing for the traditional one in one non-title match. The end of the match was when Punk lures the undertaker out, losing the match with a countout and finally betraying the undertaker. Things escalated from there as Punk and Undertaker steam-rolled for Hell In A Cell Pay Per View on October 4th and attended an event of the same name. CM Punk and Undertaker fought in a brutal match, and Punk hit Taker with everything in him, including the chair. Punk, like many before him, eventually fell victim to Tombstone’s Piledriver and became a former champion again. Punk didn’t get the title back in SmackDown and headed for a deadly four-way match against Undertaker, Batista and Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship. At the last moment of the match, the punk was thrown outside the ring, allowing the undertaker to defeat Batista. Fast-forwarding in 2013, punk is now a “worship of individuality.” By this time, Punk was the leader of his own Straight Edge Society, the leader of New Nexus, and had an unprecedentedly large tip on his shoulder. Punk has become a character most of us hate, but this time he went a long way. Between WrestleMania and Undertaker, Paul Bearer, best known for managing Undertakers, died. Punk and his then manager Paul Heyman despised the bearer in the promotion and stole the undertaker jar. Punk and Hayman went further the night when Hayman dressed like a bearer, ridiculed the deceased, and added more fuel to the Punk vs. Taker fire. The story between CM Punk and Undertaker came to a conclusion in WrestleMania 29 when Undertaker defeated Punk and regained the urn. The match ends as CM Punk’s final WrestleMania, as the career of one of WWE’s most controversial superstars will soon end abruptly.

Rewinding a bit, it’s a complete mistake not to talk about “Year Of Punk”. On November 20, 2011, CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio to win his second WWE Championship. The first punk to reign as a champion was short. Kevin Nash colluded with Triple H to steal the belt, allowing Del Rio to cash out the Money in the Bank contract. This time, Punk held the belt for 434 days and won the sixth longest rule in championship history. Punk defeated Del Rio, The Miz, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Big Show, Ryback Reeves and John Cena during his championship days. Punk played in two TLC matches, Elimination Chamber, Street Fight and Hell in a Cell, and defended the title each time. The 434-day reign ended with the 2013 Royal Rumble, when Rock returned to the ring, defeating CM Punk. Punk and Rock confronted again at the Elimination Chamber event, and Punk was unable to regain the championship due to a miscommunication with manager Paul Heyman. From there, Punk and Hayman continued the aforementioned feud with the Undertaker and stopped servicing each other when the pair was defeated. Brock Lesnar, a former client of Haymans, is back and defeats Punk in a SummerSlam match without DQ. The feud continued when Punk fought Curtis Axel and Ryback, who were then controlled by Axel. The feud ended with a Hell in a Cell event. Punk has re-entered the match of the same name with Ryback and Hayman, this time in a handicapped match. Punk took care of Ryback Reeves in the ring and delivered the GTS above the cell to Hayman, ending their problems in the process. At a TLC event on December 15, then Operations Director Corporate Kane booked Punk for a three-on-one match against Shield as a punishment for Punk’s questioning of the authorities’ motives. Punk won the game and infuriated authorities, especially Corporate Kane. DOO first made Punk participate in the 2014 Royal Rumble match. Punk continued to show a strong show. Just as Punk seemed likely to beat Rumble, Kane slammed him through the announcement desk and attacked him before removing Punk from the match. The next day, before the Raw episode, Punk legally left the company. On July 15, WWE officially moved “Best in the World” to the Alumni section of WWE.Com, stating that Punk would “never” return to wrestling.

How it started

How it ended

That’s all for this week’s column. Join us next Thursday for a whole new edition of this column. Here we will see how to start and end “The Bizarre One” Goldust. have a great day!

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How to start and end: CM Punk How to start and end: CM Punk

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