How to stay motivated during recovery from alcoholism

When recovering from alcohol abuse, it can be said that it is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not something you can do with great effort. It’s a long game. And in any long game, you will need endurance.

In this post, I’ll give you some of the best tips to stay motivated during your recovery from alcoholism.

Choose sober support

If you want to stay motivated during recovery, you need some help. Don’t try to be a hero as no one will do this alone. It may recur. Instead, choose a few people you can trust to be your cool support. Alcoholics Anonymous calls these people sponsors. And the sponsors are great sober support. However, multiple selections increase your chances of survival. Calm support can be a friend who has experienced it, or someone you have met through recovery. It can also be part of a family if you believe they will be strong enough to support you in your weakest moments.

They already know their role if sober support is also sponsored. But for those outside of that role, discuss what will happen. These are the people you might call when you feel weak. And it could be a simple phone conversation, or someone might need to pick you up from the bar before you have a drink. The role of sober support is to help you stay sober. And there are multiple things in your life that can relieve the pressure of one person. If your main support is busy, you can call the next support on the list.

Take a hobby

This may sound cliché or naive, but the more time you spend on your favorite hobbies, the less time you have to think about recurrence. And when you do what you like, you ultimately nourish your soul. And this is what your life was lacking during your alcoholism. Now is the perfect time to reunite with yourself and find something that naturally stimulates joy.

If you’re not sure exactly what it is, try a few different things. You can explore different hobbies and take different classes to see what you like. And the best part about this is that you will meet new people while you find your passion and are there. Ultimately, it’s best to stay busy whenever you feel like you’re fighting the devil.

Attend a meeting

Not everyone is excited about group meetings. In fact, most people are afraid of them at first. However, if you can exert your strength from the early days, it will be a smooth voyage. In fact, we will appreciate the support of the group, both good and bad.

If you have a tough day and need to rely on one of the sober support, it will make you feel better if you can talk to the group through that experience. At that moment, you are not proud of the thoughts that got there, but the group will certainly support you to maintain the course. Because they all know what it was like to be in your position.

There may be moments when you feel invincible, but it’s important to remember that alcohol recurrence can happen to anyone.

If there is a moment of recurrence, or if you just think about it, remove shame from the equation. This is a natural part of recovery and you treat it like a rock star.

Call sober support, go to a meeting and stay busy. You will get over this.

How to Stay Motivated During Alcoholism Recovery

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