How to take a photo with Watch Dogs: Corps

For certain missions, you need to take pictures of what’s important. How to take a photo with this Watch Dogs: The Legion Guide will show you how to find a camera and take a photo so you can complete some of the optional side content of the game.

In the early stages of the game, there is a very simple tutorial for taking pictures using a news drone. After controlling the drone, press the directional pad to activate camera mode. However, later in the game, you’ll need to take pictures for other purposes, and there may not always be a news drone nearby. So how do you use your camera with Watch Dogs: Legion?

How to take a photo with Watch Dogs: Corps

How to use the camera with Watch Dogs Legion

If you’re in a mission that requires a photo, you can use any Operative to complete your goal. Just open the character menu on the up of the cross key. This will open the character wheel, showing your character’s abilities, weapons, and other skills you can activate.

In the upper right corner you will see some other options. One such option is the camera. Simply select the option to use the camera and the menu will close. You need to make sure that the camera is in the center of the target and that the proper objective is in view. Then follow the onscreen instructions to snap the photo.

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