How to tame your “tornado” mind and not think too much about everything

“You don’t suffer because you have an idea. You suffer to judge, resist, believe, drown, or identify them.” ~ Unknown

At some point in my life, I wondered, “Will things always be like this?”

There were few moments in a hurry to call myself. Current events are swirling, reflecting the worst aspects of humanity. Lost on my to-do list, financial concerns, and deadline weights.

I knew very little where my thoughts stopped I have started. Am I always so anxious, frustrated, distracted, and isolated from the people around me? Even from a loved one?

Most of my days ran around like a headless chicken. My brain is moving at 120 mph. I was asleep or wondering. There was no “off” switch. It seems that he couldn’t slow down or concentrate on the “tornado”.

All that thought inevitably led to anxiety. It was hard to calm the chaotic state of anxiety. I was crazy when I was worried about what the future would look like and the regrets of the past.

At the end of the day, I had a hard time switching off thinking about my job. And coming on the weekend, I couldn’t sit still for 5 minutes.

My racing mind helped me in the creative process. Like a thought factory. I was able to fall asleep with the problem and had a solution by the morning.

I was able to solve the problem quickly. But it was a balancing act. I did bad things, so I was able to accomplish good things. The bad news was over-handling negative situations and becoming obsessed with drama, insomnia, stress and bulimia.

I was always trying to solve things in my head until Sherlock Holmes felt like he was solving the case. It was constantly non-stop head chattering. It was as if I was in a noisy room all day long.

Often these ideas were something I couldn’t do. But I continued to worry.

At bedtime, I was on the phone until I fell asleep, but that didn’t help. No matter what I was doing on my cell phone (browsing the internet, scrolling Facebook, playing games), I was distracted by my thoughts. I did it until my brain was very tired. I fell asleep.

I wanted to bring it I Return myself.. Let’s return to the peaceful and connected tranquility that enriched my life. I wanted to feel more grounded and centered.

Even when I try to meditate, my “NASCAR” mind will take over: “Will this work? How can I know if it works? This better job, It costs a lot of money. Look at this guy trying to teach me how to meditate. Should I trust someone with such a big ear? Has this started to work yet? I made it Are you doing it right? Why am I still not calm and relaxed? I must be doing something wrong. Should I be more patient? “

I came to the point where I noticed something Had To change … I couldn’t continue like this. I changed or slowly crashed, burned, and hit the bottom of the rock.

So I went on a quest to find the answer. I left myself to be an expert in mindfulness meditation. Of all the mental health tools I have tried, mindfulness meditation has produced the most promising results.

Simply put, I found the answer to my “tornado” mind problem. But that wasn’t what I expected.

There was good news and bad news.

The bad news is that we can’t control our minds and thoughts. You can’t calm your mind or stop thinking.

Think of it this way: your mind is like a bad roommate. This roommate is noisy, messy and pessimistic.

Our roommates have “Chicken Little Syndrome”. He is amazed at everything. His fear-based thinking believes that everything can and will not work.

Now we have no control over this roommate. We cannot force him our will. And we can’t let him do things to our liking.

Because it only makes our roommates (minds) even more crazy! It’s a vicious circle. The more you force it, the worse your destructive behavior will be. It’s like a quote that “whatever we resist lasts.”

Okay, that’s bad news. Let’s go to the good news.

You can’t calm, stop, or stop the chronic thoughts of your mind, it can Create a space between us and our hearts.

Let’s return to the analogy of roommates. You can’t control the behavior of your roommates, but you can create space between yourself and your roommates (mind).

For example, you can get out of the house and take a walk in nature.

Life is much easier when you don’t have a roommate.

In the background, you’re persistent, crazy, and no one worries about every little thing. Not only is it useful for chronic thinking, but the more space we create, the less it stimulates our minds.

Our hearts are like fire. The more fuel you refuel, the bigger and stronger you are.

The longer we spend in our heads, the more our minds separate us from the present. It drowns us in a sea of ​​thoughts and emotions, making it impossible for us to be calm, quiet and peaceful.

Instead of drowning in this sea overwhelmed by the rushing waves, create a space and observe the waves standing on the beach. That is the creation of space. You can escape from the chaos and observe safely from a distance.

How can we create a space between us and our hearts?

Do you know what I did there?

I didn’t call it our Or mine Mind; I called it Include Mind. Your words are powerful, so choose carefully.

You can start referencing the mind as if it were a third party, not as it is part of you. You can give it a name. Something like Mind and anxious Andy.

When the mind throws a tantrum, we give ourselves space. “It’s just Mr. Mind’s surprise. It doesn’t have to affect me.”

why? Because it is true. You are not your heart. You are the one sitting in the seat of your soul observing this “thinking factory” that we call our minds. You are more than your heart. The mind is just a tool you have at your disposal.

And the best way to get out of our head is to fall into your body. Friedrich Nietzsche writes, “Your body has more wisdom than your deepest philosophy.”

We have a connection between mind and body. The physical and mental connections need to be balanced. We cannot live in our heads all day long. The longer you get stuck in your head, the more you need to be in your body to balance.

When you fall into your body, it’s like a hug to your soul. Your body says “Welcome back”.

Your body loves and crave your attention. Here are some ways you can give it some gentle and affectionate care:

Forest bath..

Being in nature, observing its pure beauty, pushes us into the sensations of our bodies. Our senses fix us at this point. I try to spend at least an hour a week in nature to ground myself. Even if you live in an urban environment, have some plants in your apartment or try going to a public park. Do your best with what you have.

Cold shower.

This is terrible, but it makes up for how effective it is. It’s like exercise. You are afraid to go, but after that you always feel better. It’s like a reset button for your mental state. It starts with a hot shower and ends with a 30 second cold. It doesn’t have to be the coldest. Do what you feel is best for you, but make sure it is a little offensive.

Breathing meditation.

Feel the breath and observe. Notice how inhaling and exhaling affects the rest of the body. Lift your shoulders. My chest swells. It is important not to feel the breath and think or analyze. A big difference.

Body scan meditation.

For some meditators, body scan meditation resonates better than breathing meditation. The great thing about body scan meditation is that it’s easier to meditate for longer periods of time than other meditations. Make sure the time you meditate matches your to-do list. The longer the to-do list, the more you need to meditate.

Move your body.

Yoga is especially good at helping us get out of our heads and into our bodies. But find any activity that you resonate with. Note that I said movement, not exercise. The movement is much more comfortable. Especially if it’s an activity you enjoy. Experiment with roller blades, rock climbing, walking, hiking and much more. It gives you the joy that you want to do consistently.


It is recommended to overwrite the input. Placing the pen on paper may be better at grounding your body than typing on the keyboard.

We also recommend Julia Cameron’s “Morning Page” technique. If you tend to wake up with a million thoughts running through your mind, it works well, because this gives your mind space to dissipate and release all that worry.

Write three pages of the first thing that came to your mind in the morning. There is no wrong way to do this. If you can’t think of writing anything, write about it. Journaling in the morning will help you start your day calmly and clearly.

A break in the mind.

Organize your work into a 25-minute session. It’s not even a minute long. Take a 5-minute careful break every 25-minute session. Check in with your body during that break. Take a moment and feel your body.

This is an emotional movement, not a thinking movement. feel On your body to find what it needs. It’s like a simple body scan.

If you don’t listen to the whispers of your body, you will start screaming. When you do not speak for yourself, your body speaks for you.

Therefore, if you feel your body needs oxygen, take a deep breath and walk a little faster. If you feel tense, do some basic stretches. If your body becomes dehydrated, drink water. If your body feels the need to go to the bathroom, do so. If your body feels hungry, feed it. Be careful to get up and leave your desk for those 5 minutes.

— —

As you can see, almost everything that forces us to focus on our body works. The more you do it, the less your mind has control over you. You are no longer fueling it.

After doing these exercises for a while, you will see your mind in the same way that an adult sees a spoiled child throwing a tantrum.

You will sympathize with the heart of throwing tantrums. You are a safe witness and can make objective decisions without hijacking your vision of truth. You use your mind, but not the other way around.

You see things as they are. You do not give it meaning or add a story to the facts.

Only life “is.‘Your days look easy when you commit yourself to a powerful but calm flow of life. You can live your daily life without being bound.

Realize that you have a beautiful biological machine. You need a manual on how to use it.

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