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Like untamed Instagram feeds, the PlayStation 5 may provide up-to-date information about what you don’t care about. When you tap the PS button, the “Official News” card will be displayed. This card lists some news brip (trailers, announcements, etc.) about the “game”. Most of the games listed seem to be the games you follow on your PS5, but that doesn’t mean that the information you get is relevant.

This morning, my news tab showed five stories about games I haven’t played in years (Red Dead Redemption 2, Rocket league, For honor 3 times), one story about a game that is no longer played on the PlayStation (3 times)Destiny 2), One story about the game I played never Play on PlayStation (Fortnite), And one story about a game I’ve played for less than 5 hours (Duty Modern Warfare Call). There are only two stories related to the game I’m currently working on (Godfall, Spider-Man: Miles Morales).

Some on social media Insist The PS5 automatically keeps track of all the games in my library, but when I scrolled through my library this morning I found that it wasn’t. Some games I played just a few months ago (dream, Wasteland 3, Tales of Zestiria) I haven’t been followed, but there are a lot of things I haven’t played for years. I haven’t actively unfollowed the game until this morning. It’s unclear what determines whether the game will be automatically followed or not followed by the PS5. (((Kotaku We asked Sony to clarify the factors behind the game that the PS5 automatically follows. )

As far as I know, there is no tidy list of all the games you follow in the PlayStation app, PlayStation website, or the console itself. When it comes to feed cleanup, there are three methods you can use to unfollow your game, but none of them are exactly user-friendly.

  1. When you open the official news card and click on an item, you will see a menu of three dots at the bottom. When you open it, you’ll be given the option to unfollow Blip’s game. You can then use the shoulder bumper button to tab the news item. The 3-dot menu remains selected automatically, so you don’t have to tab through each new news article.
  2. All games on the dashboard have a 3-dot menu with the option to unfollow the game. (If you’re not following the game, you’ll see a “Follow” option instead.) It’s not very useful as you can only see up to eight icons on the PS5’s main dashboard. The game will only appear on the dashboard if it is one of the latest games you have played.You really start Star Wars Jedi: Corrupted Order A year after the fact, to avoid a potential single notification that may or may not pop up prematurely? Please.
  3. The third method is the most comprehensive, but it is also the largest time sync. Click the icon in the library to go to the game store page. Next to the large Play button, you’ll see a 3-dot menu with the option to unfollow the game. Doing this for the entire library is certainly a project, but at the moment it’s the best approach currently available.

If you know of other hacks, reveal the secret! I gave up on Instagram, but there is still hope for the PS5.

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