How to use Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud games

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you already have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming. This allows you to pick up and play over 100 games in your Game Pass library between PCs, consoles, and mobile devices without downloading. This service has improved over time and the latest new feature, Clarity Boost, has been opt-in to players. If you want to get the most out of your cloud streaming experience, we’ll show you how to use Clarity Boost for Xbox Cloud Gaming when playing in your browser.

The procedure is simple but specific, and you will not be able to experience the Clarity Boost improvements without following Microsoft’s instructions. This feature has partnered with Microsoft Edge, and given the global events of the last two years, Clarity Boost is a true team effort within the offices of Redmond, Washington, or perhaps their employees’ home offices. Become. If you have access to the Microsoft Edge browser, you can use ClarityBoost to play Xbox Game Pass games over the cloud by following these steps:

  • Download Microsoft Edge Canary
  • To verify that you are using Microsoft Edge Canary, go to edge: // settings / help and make sure you are using version 96.0.1033.0 or later.
  • To enable Clarity Boost, go to / play, log in and start a game such as Sea of ​​Thieves or Forza Horizon 5.
  • Open other action menus labeled “(…)” on the screen
  • [クラリティブーストを有効にする]Select an option
Let’s introduce JDFenix ​​to Clarity Boost.

As you can see, Clarity Boost aims to improve the image of streaming games, which tend to be a bit dull compared to games natively installed on the console or PC. Microsoft Edge Canary is a version of the browser with early experimental features, but keep in mind that it can result in bugs. This name means that the user of this platform is the canary of the mining proverb. This canary may see a bug that the team is trying to fix before the update is publicly available.

So playing with Clarity Boost may mean accepting junk in your browsing experience anyway, but early adopters only have to worry because they won’t need this step anymore. is. If you’re already using Xbox Insider, you’re probably used to a slightly buggy build if it means early access to exciting new features.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available as a free benefit for all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. You’ll also get access to both the Game Pass for the console and the Game Pass for the PC, as well as full access to EA Play.

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