How to use PlayStation 5 controller on Steam

Windows: PlayStation 5 owners can now use the PS5 DualSense controller Play PC games on Steam. By default, Valve’s latest Steam beta adds full DualSense compatibility to all controller-enabled games. No additional software is required and there are no settings to configure.

Support for DualSense on Steam was inevitable. The app supports over 200 other controller options, including many Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 controllers.— But it’s exciting to get almost full compatibility on Steam right after the PS5 launch. After all, the PS5 controller is easily one of the best controllers on any system.

I still think Worth waiting to buy a PS5 (Not many people have a choice, (Because of the low supply), but I have a confession: I bought it, and the coolest thing about it is the DualSense controller. It’s well done, the buttons are snappy, and the thumbstick has good tension, But what made me crazy was the tactile rumble and adaptive triggers on the controller.

Unfortunately, DualSense adaptive triggers, which can simulate extra tension based on in-game actions, are the only feature that Steam doesn’t support. However, the controller’s gyro, touchpad, and tactile rumble will work with all controller-enabled Steam games without the need for a patch from the developer.

How to set up a PlayStation 5 controller on Steam

You must opt ​​in to the Steam client beta before you can use the PS5 controller on Steam. (If you don’t mind waiting a little longer, the update should roll out to a stable version soon.)

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  1. Open Steam and Steam> Settings> Account.
  2. click “Change” under “Beta participation.”
  3. select “Steam Beta Client” From the drop-down menu, click “Yes.”
  4. select “Restart Steam” Apply the update.

Once Steam is updated, connect your controller to your PC. Connect via a USB-C cable (the charging cable included with the PS5 works fine). Alternatively, you can use the following steps to connect to your PC via Bluetooth.

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  1. On a Windows PC Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices please confirm “Bluetooth” It is enabled.
  2. On the controller, press and hold “PS” + “Share” Press the buttons at the same time until the LED flashes blue.
  3. Return to the Bluetooth settings on your PC and[「Bluetoothまたはその他のデバイスを追加する」 選択します “ブルートゥース。”
  4. 使用可能なデバイスのリストでコントローラーをクリックします。
  5. PS5コントローラーのLEDの点滅が止まり、「ワイヤレスコントローラーを使用する準備ができました」というWindows通知が表示されると、接続されていることがわかります。

DualSenseコントローラーがWindowsに接続されたら、Steamを開き、アプリがコントローラーを認識するのを待ちます。 Steam通知が表示されます コントローラが接続されているときにアップします。 これで、SteamゲームをPS5コントローラーでプレイできるようになり、BigPictureモードでアプリを制御できるようになりました。

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