How to write a good essay on a business topic

With increasing interest in e-commerce, more and more students decide to study business.

Business as an academic discipline offers many opportunities after graduation. You can work for a large company that handles various branches. Or you can run your own business and become independent and profitable. It’s all up to you. But before you can start a startup and apply for a job, you must first graduate. To do so, you need to study hard and expand your field of expertise.

Essays are an important part of your studies. As you study business, you end up writing hundreds of essays, case studies, and research treatises. This article describes the most effective strategies for writing an essay on a business topic.

Know your prompt

Business topics are usually rewarding and sensitive. The professor issues such complex prompts to develop students’ writing and critical thinking abilities. All questions require a rigorous investigation of the topic. Some strategies require different approaches to essays, so you need to know in advance what you have to do.

Create essays based on analysis, comparisons, contrasts, criticisms, definitions, discussions, ratings, explanations, illustrations, and summaries. Once you know what you need to do, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Investigate the topic

Depending on the topic, you may need to spend some time investigating. An online essay writer by a leading academic writing service expert says it should not be ignored. If you need to spend an hour finding enough sources to use in your essay, do that.

Note that you need to insert one trusted source for each double-spaced page, regardless of the amount of paper. So if you need to write an extensive five-page essay, you need at least five references. You can find them on trusted web pages with domains .edu or .gov. Such pages include Google Scholar,, JSTOR, financial institutions, and more.

Outline your idea

The wider the treatise, the harder it is to complete. To keep track of your ideas, write them down before writing your essay. It’s a good idea to create an outline and stick to it.

Layout is a great way to make your essay consistent and accurate. If you are not asked to write an outline, you can create it in any format. However, try to clarify it.

Follow the structure

The introduction, main parts, and conclusions are typical structures of all essays. If you do not write a treatise, a treatise, or a similar large assignment, you will have the structure described above.

This is the first paragraph. The introduction consists of three parts: the opening sentence, also known as the hook, background information, and the statement of the treatise.

Be sure to start your treatise in a good way to get the reader’s attention. Background information helps to introduce the topic to the audience. The last sentence sheds light on the points you take in your treatise.

When writing the middle part, don’t forget to write about one point in one section. Each body part begins with a topical sentence and contains text, visual, or statistical evidence.

Once you’ve added reliable data, explain it and encapsulate the content of the paragraph. End the section with the transition word and proceed to the next paragraph.

The last part usually requires repetition of the treatise and a firm conclusion of the essay’s goals. Remind the reader about the statement of the treatise, but don’t repeat it word for word. In addition, emphasize the importance of the topic and explain that your essay contributes to the field.

In addition, remind the reader that it is important to continue studying the topic.

Bend your brain and use free writing techniques

Writers and scholars make extensive use of free writing technology.

The important thing is to stay focused during the set time frame and write the content as soon as possible. In doing so, you create the illusion of active work and motivate your brain to work faster. Other than that, it’s a great way to get rid of various distractions.

All you need to do is set a timer or just start writing, without paying any attention to anything unrelated to the topic.

You will find that you can write any question quickly. You don’t have to worry about quality. The first draft is the so-called first draft. Even if you write quickly, you will need to edit and proofread it several times.

Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading can cause neck pain. Students don’t like them because they are time consuming and sometimes disappointing.

Indeed, when you review your treatise and see awkward sentences, you will wonder, “What did I write now?” But, believe it or not, even scholars sometimes face the same thing.

The truth is that the more times you edit your treatise, the more likely you are to get the best grades.

Leave it for an hour before editing the document. Change the focus and come back later. Please read your work out loud. Underline sentences and words that sound unnatural. To make the paper more consistent, erase or rewrite them.

It’s great to have someone nearby who can proofread your work. A friend, colleague, or parent may help. They have never written or read an essay, so you will be able to find all the mistakes.

It is recommended that you correct the error before submitting it to your teacher. Let’s agree with that.

Use free tools

Grammarly is a great app for perfecting your writing. We speak English as our mother tongue, but we tend to make mistakes unnoticed. Undoubtedly, we do it unintentionally. But that doesn’t mean we can make them.

Grammarly can help you find and fix errors. It has a free version that is more than enough for your academic purposes. In addition, when you use Google Docs to complete your assignment, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Grammarly because it’s embedded in your document.

Another great app is Hemingway Editor. The goal is to boost readability by proposing to erase the passive voice, adverbs, and hard-to-read words. This app is old and useful, but very few people know it. The Hemingway Editor is completely free to use.

A good essay is an eloquent essay. Rich vocabulary is another great feature of this treatise. Without a doubt, no one likes to read the same pattern or repeated words.

If you want to provide a variety of words in your work, use the Thesaurus Thesaurus. This is a free app that displays dozens of synonyms and counter-words. However, you need to be a little careful. Remember that the jargon is fixed. Under no circumstances should they be replaced with synonyms.

Don’t forget to quote

Correct citations are one of the most important attributes for a successful essay. First and foremost, you need to know about format styles before writing a treatise. There are several citation styles, but academic institutions may need to follow the exact style.

For business, you can use the Harvard or MLA format styles. However, it is best to ask the teacher in advance.

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