HPOMEN Gaming Hub-One Hub That Dominates All Of them

Something unique to PC gamers is that they have launchers and customization programs for seemingly everything.

From system control to vanity lighting, audio equalization, and even launching games, PC gamers need programs that run in the background.

As a result, most PC gamers have a habit of seeking a one-stop shop for launching and changing games. HP also wants gamers using OMEN to know that they have heard their call.

Starting today, HP is proud to offer the OMEN Gaming Hub. This is the only place to get the most out of all OMEN products.

Now, through the press material provided by HP, I would like to disclose that I was only able to experience OMEN Gaming Hub at the time of publication. Therefore, I do not personally comment on the following services.

Feel the power of algorithmic underbolting

The undervoltage is displayed on one easy-to-read page. Photo courtesy of: HP

The OMEN Gaming Hub first offers a new and sophisticated Undervolting menu with the same great CPU customization options found in the OMEN Comand Center, but now it automatically adjusts the OMEN CPU. It has an algorithm named Intelligent that ensures that it does. Keep in your game that you always have the best heat and power performance. HP claims that running a long process of about 15 minutes will improve performance by about 6-13%.

The new Undervolting interface is organized into a single page with a visual depiction of test results to help you quickly see how your OMEN PC is currently working. This is especially important when migrating to next-generation games such as ray tracing and the technology behind them.

Turn on all lights

HP is committed to using OMEN Light Studio to improve how vanity lighting systems work between devices for users who have a complete roster of Omen peripherals. The Layout Editor is a brand new drag-and-drop tool that lets you lay out your setup to see it in action and visualize the changes you made to your lights long before you locked them.

You can synchronize lighting options for zones that span multiple devices from a single key or group of keys.

Well, the lighting effects still consist of old favorites like Cycle, Breathing, Interactive, Wave, but there are some new additions that will definitely provide a new spin! Ambient mode takes a screenshot of the color on the screen in real time and maps it to the selected lighting zone. It means your lighting will take on the colors of the video you’re watching or the game you’re playing — keep changing your lighting to match what you’re watching. Now, if you want to keep things a little more constant, the image mode takes the colors of the GIF images and animations and turns them into breathing lighting effects.

Freedom to launch

Finally, Omen Gaming Hub aims to be a single launch pad for all the great parts of the OMEN PC, so HP wants to provide a clean and simple way to get involved in the game. I am. Signing is now possible on the OMENGamingHub. When using a Google, Facebook, or HP account. There is a new and simplified home page that offers personal customization and rewards for using it.

Gallery provides a place where you can quickly access all your wallpapers and photos and create backgrounds. With MyGames3.0, you can organize your games, resize title artwork, and view stats and updates on a new overview page.

Really free freedom

The Omen Gaming Hub is a free download from the Microsoft Store, which is currently optimized for all OMEN PCs and peripherals.


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