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HTC Introduces Portable Vive Flow Immersive Glasses for Relaxation

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HTC Portable today is taking virtual reality in a new direction Vive Flow Immersive glasses. The Vive Flow looks like compact and lightweight augmented reality glasses, but features a wraparound cross barrier that creates your own VR enclosure.

Thus, glasses are a hybrid of AR and VR, intended to be worn for long periods of time so that people can use them to find moments to relax, refresh and restore.

Designed with comfort and portability in mind, ViveFlow allows you to meditate with apps like Tripp or enjoy an immersive drive while watching Route 66 with MyndVR’s original series, A Road. You can find a calm and happy time all day long. Please remember. Overall, I thought the device was very well made.

Above: You can connect Vive Flow to a power source and connect to your smartphone wirelessly.

Image credit: HTC

Kuen Chang, the head of HTC Vive’s creative lab, showed us a demo unit on his head. Like any other VR headset, it took me to another world where I could use a relaxing app like Tripp. The glasses are very lightweight and have a cloth liner on the side of the glasses, so the seal is pretty good. That means no light coming in from the outside to get in the way of you in your own personal cinema. The glasses were connected to the battery via a USB-C wire and synced with the Android smartphone app. The Vive Flow weighs 6.6 ounces, which is about the same as a chocolate bar.


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Watch on demand

You can watch TV and movies on a movie theater-sized personal VR screen. Move your mind with the Brain Training app, and collaborate and interact with colleagues and friends with ViveSync.

Above: HTC Vive Flow is useful for meditation.

Image credit: HTC

“With ViveFlow, HTC is taking technology in a new direction, focusing on our feelings, not our actions,” HTC CEO Cher Wang said in a statement. “For the last few years, staying healthy has been at the forefront, and millions of people are stressed every day, so it’s more important than ever to take the time to calm down. , ViveFlow offers a great opportunity to escape from us. It has four walls and is immersed in an ideal atmosphere. “

ViveFlow will be available in November for $ 500. Requires a 5G Android smartphone.

I tried Tripp’s XR Wellness App, which was started by CEO Nanea Reeves to help people meditate. With lots of smooth movement and clean lighting, it was a pretty great experience. It was like being in VR with a school of fish around me. I was very relaxed.

With Vive Flow, you can use your Android smartphone as a controller to dive into a variety of immersive experiences through the Viveport app store anytime, anywhere. You can wirelessly connect to your Android 5G smartphone and stream content such as TV shows and movies from your favorite platform. To mirror premium videos such as TV and movie content from your Android smartphone, your device must support HDCP 2.2.

Above: The HTC Vive Flow costs $ 500.

Image credit: HTC

You can also use Vive Sync to meet your friends in a realistic virtual environment.

The eyeglass frame has a dual hinge design, and the soft face gasket allows it to be folded into a compact footprint for easy portability. Vive Flow hinges are designed to fit a variety of head shapes and sizes. Its face gasket is inspired by the acclaimed Vive Focus 3, and its magnetic connection makes it easy and quick to replace. Great when you want to share.

Vive Flow also has a built-in diopter dial, which makes it easy for users to adjust their very clear visuals. Its active cooling system pulls warm air away from your face and keeps you comfortable all day long. I thought this was a great part of the glasses. I wear prescription glasses, but VR headsets are usually uncomfortable and I can’t even take them off to see. But with the dial, you can find something closer to your eyeglass prescription and see it more clearly. The dial has numbers on it so you can easily remember the correct settings for each eye. If necessary, the magnetic face plate can be pulled out to wash the surface.

Above: HTC Vive Flow will ship in November.

Image credit: HTC

The difficult thing was that I used my smartphone as a controller. I tapped the screen, but sometimes the touch was not detected. So I had to repeat it several times until I realized what I was trying to do.

With a vast 100-degree field of view, Vive Flow immerses you in HD-quality content with sharp 3.2K resolutions and a smooth 75Hz refresh rate on cinematic screens. With full 3D spatial audio, ViveFlow provides immersive sound and can even be connected to external Bluetooth earphones. You can purchase 10,000 AhVive Power Banks individually. This will give you about 4-5 hours of battery life.

Following the launch of Vive Flow, HTC Vive will also announce a special Viveport subscription plan. The plan costs $ 6 a month for a variety of immersive apps that cover exclusive content such as happiness, brain training, productivity, light games, and Lo-Fi rooms designed for a cozy look and atmosphere. Unlimited access. Cafe.

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HTC Introduces Portable Vive Flow Immersive Glasses for Relaxation HTC Introduces Portable Vive Flow Immersive Glasses for Relaxation

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