HTC VIVE offers a special spooky bundle for Halloween

There is no medium for horror like virtual reality. As you immerse yourself in your greatest nightmare, all the squeaks on the floorboard, all the passing shadows, and all the horror lurking around the corner are magnified.

If you dare to spend Halloween on your headset this year, VIVE will cover all your horrors. With both hardware and content trading open, this Halloween season will be the creepiest ever.

VIVE Halloween Hardware Bundle

From October 27thth – November 1stst, Bundles three classic horror titles with some VIVE headsets. Every time you buy an eligible VIVE device in a participating market You will receive a copy of Arizona Sunshine, Freddy’s VR 5 Nights: Help Wanted,and Paranormal activity: the lost soul.

All participants will also receive VIVEPORT Infinity 2 months freeDeliver hundreds of top titles and indie gems with an unlimited VR subscription service. Viveport Infinity is an all-access pass for finding VR games, apps and videos for just $ 8.99 per month with an annual subscription.

For more information on VIVE headsets eligible for this transaction in your country, please visit

Take a closer look at the content that comes with the new VIVE headset this Halloween.

Arizona Sunshine

Zombie shooter built for VR Arizona SunshineDeveloped by Vertigo Games, it’s a classic fixture in a library of VR enthusiasts. First-person shooters are renowned for their freedom of movement in their environment and their actual handling with weapons. Survive solos in single-player campaigns played in bite-sized missions and take apocalypse step by step or at once. Adding allies makes the undead herd much more aggressive, but you can also take on a horde of super-large zombies with your co-workers. No matter how you decide to play, this apocalyptic southwest is low in ammo and dangerous.

Freddy’s VR 5 Nights: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s, one of the world’s most famous game Ips, is finally here in VR, making it a great (horrifying) collection. With five classic title scenes and levels, and an original mini-game with killer animatronics like Freddie and Foxy, there’s an amazing amount of content to explore.Each mini game Freddy’s VR 5 Nights: Help Wanted Shiver with anticipation and fear.

Paranormal activity: lost soul

Based on the hit PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movie series, this horrifying immersive experience shakes you because you don’t know when to scream next. It has its own horror engine, so you will encounter different experiences every time you play. As soon as you explore a quiet neighborhood house, you’re not alone as you’re struggling to find clues, unravel the horrifying mysteries of what’s happening in your house, and survive the fear of hunting you. You will notice.

VIVEPORT Infinity Halloween Deal-The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Even if you already have a headset, we have Halloween deals. Until November 3rdrd, All annual Viveport Infinity subscribers can request a free copy of Skydance Interactive. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners While the supply continues. This transaction can be redeemed by all new and existing annual subscribers, including those who upgrade from monthly membership.

Before the end of the promotion period, please release the title on Viveport Infinity so that you can maintain it.Additional details on how to request a copy of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners You can find it here: https: //

One of the best VR games of 2019, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Take you to the flooded New Orleans, full of living enemies of the faction fighting Walker. To survive, you explore every corner of the Big Easy to uncover secrets, clean up artifacts, and make weapons while riding a horde of pedestrians. When unraveling the mysteries surrounding NOLA, you will make tough choices with lasting consequences.

Are you anxious for even more horrifying content? Check out our guide to the top 10 horror titles included in Viveport Infinity.

How to download and use Viveport Infinity to get VR games

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Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

Justin Germino

HTC VIVE Offers Special Spooky Bundle for Halloween

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