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Huey Magoos: Handmade recipes for happiness

The new coronavirus poses a challenge to survival in front of the world. All businesses are challenged in ways we didn’t think it was impossible, but the hospitality industry is certainly one of the most challenging. The first few months were a nightmare for restaurants and eateries, as everyone stayed in the store, people who loved home cooking, and commercial facilities were closed due to blockades. But it was also a time to think, re-strategy, change priorities, and make plans that would benefit both companies and people.

When we are on the other side of the crisis, we are assessed which brands survived, which brands responded positively and creatively, and which brands and leaders emerged to prosper. .. Huey Magoo chicken tenders It will be one of such brands. All of its locations have managed to remain open and have flourished with successful family dining options, takeaways and delivery programs. Looking at the situation, curbside takeaway and online ordering have also been introduced, and the overall fast casual model is in a good position for ongoing operation.

Huey Magoo’s was founded in 2004 by tour golf experts in Orlando, Florida. Matt (“Hui”) Armstrong and Sade (“Magoo”) HagensTwo southern boys who are passionate about high quality chicken and prefer to serve others. A culture of outstanding service and food quality began with the use of no hormones, steroids, preservatives or antibiotics, and always offering only fresh, naturally made premium hand-baked or grilled chicken tenders. .. In a clean and family-friendly environment, we use a special sauce with a unique flavor. Huey Magoo’s, combined with freshly-grown salads, sandwiches, wraps, french fries, homemade chips and Texas toast, millennials, families and neighbors want high-quality, delicious food at a reasonable price. It attracts fans like Calto.

Even during the pandemic, Huey Magoo’s sales levels are strong and in some cases exceed the weekly pre-COVID sales levels. Matt says “We are very fortunate to report that Huey Magoo’s future remains bright, even in today’s unprecedented and difficult times. The COVID 19 agenda does not define us, but instead franchises. He revealed the character and commitment of his partner, the power and dedication of his leadership team, and the love of the brand that his loyal guests show. “

Here’s how Huey Maggo changed from an Orlando favorite to an American favorite, directly from Matt and Sade.

How did the expansion begin?

Huey Magoo’s caught the eye of Andy Howard, an industry veteran and former executive vice president of Wingstop. He has expanded Wingstrop from about 80 restaurants to more than 600 in more than a decade at the company. Howard, a chicken expert, acquired Huey Magoo as president and CEO in 2016, including Huey Magoo’s current chief operating officer Mike Sutter, operations director Matt Paleos, board chairman Wes Jablonski, and board of directors Wingstop. I brought my all-star companion. Bill Night. In just four years under Huey Magoo’s dynamic new leadership team and a growing family of prominent franchisees, Huey Magoo’s rapidly expanded from four restaurants in Greater Orlando to the entire southeastern region, now Central Florida, South. There are 13 restaurants in Greater Atlanta, Florida. An additional 100 franchisees were sold, and more Huey Magoo restaurants were brought to the entire state, including Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Please briefly describe your offer.

Huey Magoo’s offers specialty grills, hand-breaded or “sauceed” premium chicken tenders, fresh farm salads, sandwiches and wraps. Huey Magoo’s bids are always fresh, all natural and free of any antibiotics, hormones, steroids or preservatives. Huey Magoo’s offers food in and out, takeaway, delivery by third party delivery services, drive-through and curbside pickup (at participating restaurants).

What are the important points to consider when choosing or discussing a new franchisee?

A passion for the hospitality industry, a desire to serve guests, and a strong sense of business are the keys to success. Recognizing the fact that the boneless chicken category is a place for food service … and our love for our products and brands certainly helps! The idea of ​​a “working owner” with a solid ability to manage at both the unit level and the multi-unit level is essential. Development contracts typically have a minimum of 3 units and are reasonably timed, so financial capacity must meet the plan. Overall, we’re “partners” for years to come, so there must be an enthusiastic chemistry between prospects and our team.

How do you train new franchisees on board and track their development?

Experienced corporate trainers combine 17 days of classroom, job and management training in both the training restaurant and on-site before and after the opening of the new location. Real estate site selection support is provided by a dedicated broker network that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by Huey Magoo’s corporate team. From “Day 1”, with real estate, design / construction / operation support, and communication, they will continue over time as they open and grow into a territorial development plan. The success and satisfaction of franchisees is the key to our relationship and their growth.

What sets your company apart from its competitors? And how do you guarantee that these factors are consistent across the chain?

Huey Magoo’s offers 100% fresh steroid / hormone / antibiotic-free chicken and marinated for 24 hours with Huey Magoo’s unique recipe to differentiate it from its competitors. Each tasty bid is offered either by hand-baking or by another important difference, Huey Magoo’s healthy and tasty, and simply unmatched grill bidding options. Huey Magoo’s experienced corporate training ensures consistent quality products and outstanding service across Huey Magoo’s brand, both on-site at corporate training stores and franchise stores.

Please briefly explain your future prospects.

Huey Magoo’s is expanding rapidly throughout the Southeast, currently with 13 restaurants in Central Florida, South Florida, Greater Atlanta, and 100 franchisees for sale in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina. ,More.

For franchise inquiries, please contact Andy Howard.

For more information on Huey Magoo, please visit:

Huey Magoos: Handmade recipes for happiness Huey Magoos: Handmade recipes for happiness

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