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WWE Star AJ Styles is currently having a great time at the company and is unlikely to leave soon. At AEW the door is always open for him.

He said he would be a part-timer in the next few years. It turns out that AEW World Championship Kenny Omega is eager to confront “The Phenomenal One” in the ring. Vince McMahon fires big name before SmackDown

Kenny Omega wants to face AJ style

While talking Wrestling Observer Radio, Kenny Omega said he was looking forward to a match against Styles given the history of NJPW’s Brett Club. He said:

“When I went back to what I loved, such as sequels and parts 2, parts 3 and 4, there wasn’t a next season. I hate it like it’s over, and I at least have these things I hope it’s in my heart. Maybe it’s for the fans who dug those stories. I don’t want to close their books completely. Maybe I could match AJ Someone knows that there is sex and wants to call that history when the time comes. “

Potential matches may take place at AEW. See if the match will finally take place.

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Huge AEW match provided by AJ style Huge AEW match provided by AJ style

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