Huge Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier removed by developers

Fallout: Frontier, Fallout: New Vegas giant mods have been in development for years and were launched last week. It is now offline by its own creator because a developer allegedly “posted animated pedophilia content” to his personal artist account.

When I visit the mods page for Nexus Mods, I get the following message:

In the last few hours, some deeply concerned news has surfaced. Recently, one of the developers, ZuTheSkunk, was informed that he posted animated pedophile content to his personal artist account. The items in question have a serious impact on the entire team and we blame them in the strongest sense. ZuTheSkunk was then removed from the development team, banning community discord. Talk to members of the development team to hear their thoughts on the current situation and help us make more informed decisions. We’re shutting down the production environment and working on mods to properly handle the current event. More steps will be taken and more detailed addresses will be posted shortly.

The views, thoughts and opinions expressed inside and outside the mod belong only to the creator who created them, not to the mod’s organization, community, or other groups or individuals.

I don’t know how to claim that a “mod organization” or “group or individual” is completely unaware of the work done “in a mod” by a group or individual of peers. This is important. There was already criticism of the mod’s content before it went offline.

In particular, the player was complaining about the fetish character and one particular quest line where the player could enslave a teenage girl. Slavery has been the theme of many official Fallout games, but as Frontier does, there is a difference between portraying slavery and allowing players to enjoy it.

On Twitter The official mod account said Repeating the above statement, “We plan to make changes to the frontier in the future to remove inappropriate lines and content. This will be the final build.” It is still exact which content will be removed. I don’t know. It’s also not clear that ZuTheSkunk has anything to do with the creation of that content.


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