Huge PS5 inventory shipments reportedly coming to the UK in January

Post-Christmas treat (Photo: Sony)

According to the PS5 stock tracker account, UK residents can expect the console to be available again this month.

Since its release The PlayStation 5 was very difficult for people to try to get it.

According to Twitter account Ps5Instant, Provides up-to-date information on the UK PS5 inventory, so those who had to miss it at launch may not have to wait too long for the new inventory.

In a post made on Christmas Eve, the account claimed that a huge third shipment was expected to arrive within the first week of January, although it could be delayed due to port issues.

By December 27, most retailers expect shipments by January 7, and the potential delay is stated to last only a few days at most.

Recently, it has become clear that enthusiastic customers are likely to have to wait a little longer until January 12th or January 14th if inventory does not arrive by Tuesday, January 5th.

Assuming the account claims are accurate, the PS5 should be much easier to obtain this time, as the Christmas period is over and many fans already own the PS5.

Currently, the only way to buy a PS5 is through eBay’s Scalper. It is sold there at a higher price than the standard retail price.

It was already difficult to buy a PS5 at launch due to limited inventory, but Scalper, who succeeded in buying multiple PS5 consoles for profit and resale, certainly contributed.

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Huge PS5 stock shipment allegedly coming to UK in January

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