Hugh Grant doesn’t remember what actually happened in love

Hugh Grant admits he doesn’t remember the end of Love Actually. Grant played the British Prime Minister at rom-com, which is now a Christmas staple.

As many of his characters do well, Hugh Grant was able to make his way of answering questions fascinating, this time from an interviewer about the possibilities. Love actually In the sequel, he claims he doesn’t even remember what’s happening in the original. British actors are known to play charismatic caddy leads, It starts with a series of roles in a romantic comedy favorite Bridget Jones’s Diary And Notting Hill. Grant played the British Prime Minister as part of Richard Curtis’s Christmas Classic Ensemble Cast.

Tree of lifestyle rom-com interwoven Eight different stories happening in the London area During the Christmas holiday season. During the course of the film, it became clear that the characters associated with each plot line were somehow related or related to the characters in other stories. These small degrees of separation between individuals send a moving message of unity that has made the movie a classic that is often re-watched during the holidays. Grant’s character, David, like most of the movie’s protagonists, tackles mental problems. The Prime Minister reassigned Natalie (Martin McCutcheon)’s position after engaging in a secret relationship with one of the staff, but later realized that he had fallen to her. When Natalie writes to David a letter acknowledging her feelings, the two meet again and David reveals their relationship on stage during his nephew’s Christmas pageant.

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Grant talks about his beloved Christmas classic in a recent interview Digital spy, With others Love actually The character’s frequently-referenced resolution, the reunion of David and Natalie, is an unforgettable moment for many fans.When asked about the possibility of Love actually In the sequel, the actor hesitated to commit to something. Despite the film’s current iconic status, Grant admits that he can’t remember what’s happening in the film, and can’t remember what happened to the character he played:

I do not know. I’ve never thought about that … I can’t even remember what’s happening in the movie … I haven’t seen it in a while. You will need to remind me. What should I do?

Love Actually Hugh Grant

At this point, Love Actually 2 It’s purely theoretical.Curtis technically already produced a sequel to the title in 2017 Red Nose Day Actually, A comedy short film for television that follows up on the characters 14 years later. The film was made to raise money for Comic Relief, a British charity. Curtis is not discussing plans for a feature-length sequel.

Think about how much time has passed since then Love actually It’s not unbelievable that Grant now forgets his lines, as they were filmed. That said, he replayed that role just four years ago.How about Love Actually 2, Curtis and Cast have already provided fans with a sweet reunion for their favorite characters in a mini sequel. In many ways Red nose day It was the perfect answer to the demand for sequels. Curtis was able to parody his own material by acknowledging the criticism of the audience and giving the characters the happy ending they deserved.

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