Hulk Hogan formed the New World Order 25 years ago today

It’s been 25 years since the formation of New world order, The day that changed the professional wrestling business. The popular faction, led by Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, is one of the most famous groups in the history of professional wrestling. It all started at the Bash at the Beach pay-per-view event on July 7, 1996 — today, entirely 25 years ago.

In the months leading up to the show, both Kevin Nash (aka Diesel) and Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon) went into exile. WWE For a higher salary at Ted Turner’s WCW. Both wrestlers began appearing in WCW programming as part of the story of seeing WWE stars “break into” WCW. To fight the invaders, WCW hosted a match at Bash at the Beach where three of the company’s biggest stars face Nash, Hall, and a mysterious opponent called the team’s “Third Man.”

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At the start of the match, outsiders (Nash and Hall) came to the ring alone and it wasn’t clear who their surprise partner was. At some point during the match, Team WCW appeared to be in trouble after Ruger was injured and removed from the match. suddenly, Hulk Hogan He hadn’t been watched on TV for quite some time before the event, so he arrived with a big applause from behind.

Hogan is consistent Worked as a fan’s favorite hero Since the early 1980s, fans have naturally expected him to support Team WCW by eliminating outsiders. After driving Nash and Hall out of the ring, Hogan did something unexpected and dropped an atomic leg drop on the downed Savage. With the crowd in silence and stunned, Hogan re-manipulated his trademark before celebrating with an outsider, revealing himself to be a mysterious “third man.”

Hogan interviewed after a game declared no contest “Average” Gene Okerlund To describe yourself as a fan peeling off the ring with trash. Okerlund, whose history with Hogan dates back many years, questioned how the Hulkster could team up with people like outsiders. Hogan’s reaction gave the group their official name and marked one of the most important moments in the history of professional wrestling.

“Now, the first thing you need to notice is brothers, this is the future of wrestling right here! You can call this the new world order of wrestling, brothers,” Hogan said of the faction. ..

Regarding the trash that people were throwing into the ring, Hogan added: “As far as I’m concerned, all this junk in the ring represents these fans here. Two years, brothers! Two years raised my head! I did everything for charity I did everything for the kids! And the reception I received when I came here, your fans can stick with it, brothers! “

After forming the NWO, Hogan abandoned his famous red and yellow tights. The legend of wrestling, with his beard and black outfit, renamed himself “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan. The success of NWO led to the great success of WCW, launching the famous “Monday Night Wars” and defeating WWE for 83 consecutive weeks. It’s hard to imagine what the Attitude Era would have been like if it hadn’t happened at Bash at the Beach ’96.

Due to the historical significance of the group, the New World Order has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the 2020 class. Hogan, Nash, Hall, and Sean Waltman represented the honor-accepting factions. Of the early members of the group. To commemorate the Group’s 25th anniversary, WWE also pays homage to a special on the Peacock Channel. You can watch the group formation by streaming Bash at the Beach ’96 on a streaming service.

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Hulk Hogan formed the New World Order 25 years ago today

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