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“Immortal” Hulk Hogan compares Tom Brady with Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year’s Super Bowl match against Patrick Mahomes and locks Kansas City Chiefs against his classic WrestleMania 18 return. I used social media via Twitter for comparison. This year’s Super Bowl will air on CBS and the NFL Network on February 7.

Hogan also commented on the anniversary of the death of his longtime enemy and friend Andre the Giant. Hulk Star tweeted. “Twenty-eight years ago, my brother Andre died. He taught me respect for our business, and how to use my instincts and connections with the crowd to work. He told me. His timing was perfect and made me understand that the best match was a match I hadn’t talked about in advance. RIPHH “

In other news about Hulk Hogan, in a recent edition of the 83-week podcast, former WCW executive Eric Bischoff talked about the relationship between Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon. Bishoff told Conrad Thompson:credit Wrestling Co., Ltd. For transfer:

“Hulk and Vince, they seem to be the most dysfunctional couple in the world,” Bischoff said. “To date, look into the relationship between love and hate. These are the two names that pop up. Even when the Hulk was at WCW, he told me if he had a conversation with Vince. We I was in Denver one night, and he said he was going to meet Vince for a drink in his hotel room. I left the Hulk a master negotiator and left the options open. I knew I loved to keep and love to have leverage.

Bischoff also said:

“At that point, Hulk and I became pretty good friends as well as colleagues. Based on the conversations he and I had, real casual conversations, what he said was that he was WCW. Made me believe that there was no way to leave the relatively comfortable environment of WWE and return to the WWE shark pool. I knew they were talking, but I wasn’t really worried. . “

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Hulk Hogan reveals rock wrestlemania Hulk Hogan reveals rock wrestlemania

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