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Hulk Hogan offers WWE Superstars a high reputation

Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon recently ESPN promotes tonight’s wrestling WWE RAW Legend Night. He revealed his desire to confront the company’s top stars.

Hulk Hogan wanted a match against Steve Austin

In an interview, Hogan was asked if anyone wanted to fight but didn’t have the opportunity to reply, Hulkster said it was Stone Cold Steve Austin.

He said they could have made a lot of money if they worked together. During his stint, he said he worked with Rock but wanted to work with Austin.

He said:

“Yes.” Stone Cold “Steve Austin in a singles match. I’m always kidding him:’Man, if I were a bad guy, I would have put you to sleep every night. In the middle of the ring. And I got on TV and lay down on the back about what that bald-headed creep could never beat me! I could have drawn so much money. The Hollywood Hogan character was very hot when I returned to wrestle with rock. I wanted to chase Steve all over the world for months. “

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At RAW Legends Night, Hulk Hogan and past wrestlers, Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Big Show, Booker T, Booker T, Candice Michelle, Curlyto, Hillbilly Jim, Hulk Hogan, IRS (Irwin R. Schyster), Ivory, Jeff Jarrett , Cart Angle, Mark Henry, Melina, Michael “PS” Haze, Mickey James, Sgt. Massacre, Tatanka, and Torrie Wilson.

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Hulk Hogan wishes he could confront this star Hulk Hogan wishes he could confront this star

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