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The Germans were impressed last year as a replacement for both Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll racing points, which were hit by the coronavirus.

Going out didn’t lead to a full-time race seat this season, but his abilities and current knowledge of F1 machines made him nominated if something happened where the name was changed. It looks like you get a chance to be an agent. Aston Martin team.

Discussions are underway to formalize his position, but it is understood that he will play an expanded role, including Aston Martin, and will be able to make him available to Mercedes at selected events. ..

If a German car maker needs a replacement for Lewis Hamilton or Barteribotta and their regular reserves are busy elsewhere, one possibility that is being explored is that he will be free for Mercedes.

Mercedes announced earlier this week that Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck de Vries are designated reserve drivers of the year, but their commitment in Formula E means that not all F1 races will be available. I will.

There are currently three direct collisions between F1 and FE races this year.

The Spanish Grand Prix on May 9 will collide with the Monaco FE, the Monaco Grand Prix on May 23 will collide with the Marrakech FE event, and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on June 6 will collide with Santiago.

In addition, Santiago’s doubleheader associated with ongoing travel restrictions due to the coronavirus could make it difficult for Vandoorne and De Vries to reach the Canadian Grand Prix on June 13.

No final decision has been made, but one of the ideas being discussed is to make Hülkenberg available to Mercedes for four rounds if something happens.

Earlier this week, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff hinted that Hülkenberg could be within the framework of his role in Mercedes.

“We all know what he can do,” he told Sky Deutschland. “”[He is] One of the top drivers who somehow didn’t get the last chance to drive for the top team. It’s interesting, of course, that the team has such resources. Of course, we accept it. “

Asked when he could make a decision about the potential role of Hülkenberg, Wolff said, “The question is not when the decision is made, but when it is announced.”

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Hülkenberg was able to double-tail the reserves of Mercedes and Aston Martin Hülkenberg was able to double-tail the reserves of Mercedes and Aston Martin

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