Human: Fall Flat New Laboratory Level Announced

There is no brake game And Curve digital Celebrating 5 years of fun and quirky physics platformers Human: fall flat, Over 30 million copies of the game shipped.

The team is excited to announce again Human: fall flatThe latest level lab will be released this summer. Created by “Buller”, the winner of the Fantastic Machine Competition and a $ 10,000 fantastic level, players can make a fuss in a secret lab where the power of physics is a powerful plaything. .. Master the dignity of magnetic force and the exhilarating application of electricity in a mysterious mountain!

In addition to launching a new lab-level, three new community-designed skins (Jester, Wrestler, Painter) jazz up humans, the first of ten winners of the recent “Dressto Impress” contest. Will be available for. The remaining seven award-winning skins will be released by the end of the year.

5th Anniversary 24-Hour Charity Steam Sale-Today!

If you are not one of the 30 million people participating Human: fall flat Still in the world, now is your chance – and that’s for good reason! Next 24 hours, Human: fall flat Available on Steam for £ 5.45 / $ 6.79 / € 6.79 for 66% off, 10% of the revenue received by Curve will be donated to the video game mental health charity. Safe in our world It is committed to creating and fostering global mental health awareness both inside and outside the video game industry.

Nick Powell, Senior Product Manager at Curve Digital, said: “Throughout Curve Digital, we have a responsibility to create an environment that promotes the well-being of all employees and manages their mental health.“ This is Safe’s founding partner and mental health in the global #LevelUpMentalHealth campaign for Curve. That’s why we’re proud to bring the industry together to help people affected by health illnesses. “

Learn more about Safe In Our World.

5th Anniversary Level Design Competition

Remember, up-and-coming designers of all abilities must enter Human: Fall Flat until August 12th. 5th Anniversary Level Design Competition You have the chance to see their ideas at a whole new in-game level.

The contest has already seen some incredibly imaginative entities so far, dreaming big for fans and submitting the most imaginative level of design ideas on the social media of their creative media of choice. I am calling for you to do it. Participants can draw, paint, model, write brief descriptions, and bake flat-shaped cakes from clay and architectural bricks. Then share high-resolution photos of your work and get a chance to win. Judges will consider entries based on the imagination of each entry. do not be shy. Get stuck and be creative!

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Human Fall Flat New Laboratory Level Announced

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