Humble Bundle Black Friday Deals: 45% Off Humble Choice Premium for 1 Year

Matt Martin, Monday, November 23, 2020 12:01 GMT

Humble bundle Offers an annual subscription to Humble Choice Premium at a whopping 45% off. So for just $ 99 you can get more than $ 2,000 in games. If you are in the UK, that’s a price cut from £ 142.99 to just £ 81.99.

No matter where you live, it’s a great deal.

As part of a retailer Black friday saleThis offer is available to gamers who have signed up for a Humble Choice Premium subscription by November 30th.

The Humble Choice Premium sub offers over 10 PC games a month, which you can download and save forever. There are also some exclusive benefits for subscribers, such as access to Humble Trove’s free games and a 20% discount on thousands of other games in Humble Bundle. We also support charity with every purchase, so it’s warming to know that consumption is going well.

If this deal isn’t your bag, Humble Bundle has other Black Friday deals, including this one that will help you fight climate change.

If you want to save more cash this week on Black Friday, here are some of the best deals on consoles including the Nintendo Switch. Sister site Jerry Deales is a collection of Pokemon and Star Wars products from cheap TVs.

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Humble Bundle Black Friday deals: get 45% off Humble Choice Premium for a year

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