HumbleBundle • .net Revives Charity Donation Slider After Protests Over Deletion

Humble Bundle has overturned the controversial decision to remove the charity slider from the bundle page. This will significantly reduce the percentage of payments that players can donate to charity.

Humble Bundle has long allowed customers to choose how to split their bundle payments among charities, game publishers, and Humble Bundle itself. In addition, if you choose, you can donate 100% of the money to a charity. Shifts the number of sliders.

It’s a system that helped raise a whopping US $ 195 million for charity during the decade that Humble Bundle has been in operation. But last month, the company announced that it would discontinue the bundle slider (and admitted in March that it had already been quietly removed for some users as a “test”) and instead offered a fixed payment split toggle. Replaced with system-The company said it is doing it to make the bundle page “more consistent with how other products support charity.”

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By default, the new toggle system sends 5% of payments to charities, 10% to Humble, and the rest to publishers. Another “Extra to Charity” option increases charity donations to 15%, reduces Humble savings to 5%, and sends everything else back to the publisher. Still, 15% to charity was significantly less than the 100% option previously available, and Humble customers weren’t happy with the news.

After a lot of backlash, Humble Bundle apologized and confirmed that it would bring back the bundle slider-at least for now.

The company said, “Everyone heard loudly and clearly, and apologizes for how these changes were deployed. Now pause, collect constructive feedback, and be more transparent about the future path. I will increase it. “

Humble’s original redesign plan with a donation toggle instead of a slider.

“Today, we’re turning the slider back on for all our customers on the bundle page. More time to review the feedback and consider the importance of customizing the slider and purchases on the long-term bundle page. I will spend it. ” ..

As part of this U-turn, Humble will begin implementing a previously announced bundle page redesign within a few weeks, but these are not the controversial new toggle system, but the original slider payments. Hold the split.

However, it doesn’t sound like the slider has gained permanent grace. The company says it will continue to consider “various approaches to sliders, how they split, and new ways to incorporate charities into other parts of the user experience.”

“We are working to support charity just as we did when we launched Humble Bundle,” he concluded. “Watch out for some updates right away, and thank you for your candid feedback and continued support.”


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