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Ocon benefited from the chaotic rainy start in Budapest and jumped to the top as a leader after a restart. Lewis Hamilton pit.Ocon stays calm and leads the whole race, Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel And Hamilton.

It was one of several outstanding races for Takayama, Also includes the podium of teammates Fernando Alonso Defeated in Qatar Alpha Tauri Fight for 5th place in the Constructors’ Championship.

Ocon believes that winning his first victory not only strengthened his confidence, but also removed the pressure from other members of his Enstone team.

“Yes, it feels great. It’s good for the team to get it,” Ocon said.

“Obviously, this is the first victory since Renault’s return to the new era of Formula 1. Hope we will be in that position next time and we will see how it feels. I know. We don’t feel much pressure. We can do our job and make it happen. “

The French admit that the team is still far from fighting regularly for victory, but the taste of victory says the team was even more hungry to sample it more often.

“In my case, I still work the same as I do. The people around me, of course, are really happy with the victory. It’s the first victory for many, but we Many of those moments aren’t just one.

“We know it takes a long way and effort, but it clearly feels good and we are proud to have lived it with such talented people.”

Race winner Esteban Ocon, Alpine A521

Photo: Zak Mauger / Motorsport image

There are no particularly fast cars, but some go back to engine design dating back to 2019, but how can Ocon take advantage of Alpine’s opportunity to score big points by improving race management and trackside operations? I am very satisfied. Of the team philosophy.

“I definitely think this is what we want to do. We knew we didn’t have the fastest car and the fastest package to fight at the front, but we were there as soon as we had the opportunity. Almost Sochi in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Budapest and Fernando, “he explained.

“We wanted to be the top in operations, but this year we’ve achieved that. I think we can be proud to be able to fight there when we have a fast car. Don’t be afraid to top cars and top teams. “

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Hungarian F1 victory removes pressure from Alpine Hungarian F1 victory removes pressure from Alpine

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