Hunt the banks of the Mississippi River with TheHunter: Call of the Wild’s latest DLC

It’s not yet The best hunting experience you can get on the console And theHunter: Call of the Wild has been around for a few years now, Fresh content Maintaining player interest. The latest option is probably one of the best options ever. Hunter players have the opportunity to hunt on the banks of the Great Mississippi River, where the Mississippi Acre Reserve is located.

Buy, Download, and add to theHunter: Call of the Wild base game right now with the game’s latest new reserve, the Mississippi Acres Reserve.

Priced at £ 5.59, following numerous other theHunter content packs, this is a pack that expands into many hunting horizons, deployed on PCs and consoles. With its diverse biomes and beautiful landscapes, the Mississippi Acres Reserve is home to some of the best hunting spots in the southern United States. Whether you’re hunting crocodiles on the banks of the winding Mississippi River or exploring nearby fishermen and smuggling camps, memorable adventures await every corner.

But it’s not just the river that draws. This latest addition adds a variety of exciting new content, including unique new animal species, versatile new bolt-action rifles, and new story missions. It’s a world of everything from awesome birds to big apex predators, including the game’s first reptile and the first species to cross water and land, the American alligator.

In addition, the common raccoon found in man-made areas can be seen diving inside and outside the trash can. The reserve is also home to gray foxes, bobwhite foxes, eastern wild Turkey, cottontail rabbits, wild pigs and blacks. Bear and white-tailed deer.

There’s also a new rifle for small games – Kullman .22: The Kullman .22 Hornet is the perfect bolt-action rifle for hunting small games. Separated by a .22 Hornet and lightweight, it’s an ideal weapon for long hunting trips.

There is also a new story mission involved, which covers a story that focuses on how the Mississippi Acres Reserve has been left devastated by the worst floods of the last decade. Members of two local rival hunting clubs have chosen to form an uneasy alliance to help the community recover, but things are different from what they look like, and watchman Immi Davis is an ominous conspiracy. I noticed that I was in the middle of it. Things get worse soon.

If you want to get TheHunter: Call of the Wild and add a new bit, you can download Mississippi Acres Reserve right now from your favorite storefront. NS The Xbox store link is here Provides access to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S players. It’s also available on the Epic Games Store, Steam, Windows Store, and PlayStation 4.

Hunt the shores of the Great Mississippi River with theHunter: Call of the Wild’s latest DLC

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