Hunt: The next major update for Showdown has been postponed to 2021

Hunt: Confrontation developer Crytek has announced that the upcoming update this year has been postponed to next year. Conversely, new content for horror games will arrive by the end of the year.

In a news update on the official website, Crytek announced the news that Update 1.5, which will introduce new bosses and custom ammo types, will not arrive until 2021. “Friends, 2020 wasn’t kind. I’m sorry. Please say that you need to migrate these two features to 2021,” the post reads. “We know you’re not happy to hear it, we’re not happy about the delay, but we’re dedicated to making you the best game with the best features And these two will be released early next year. “

The studio shared some images that make fun of what’s to come. Two include guns, one gives hints of new monsters trying to drop into a pair of hunters, displayed above, and the other is a creepy clock. As comfort prizes, new weapon variations, legendaries, clock towers, and new types of loot will all appear in Update 1.4.8 before the end of 2020. The official Twitch development live stream will show these in more detail at TBA.

Hunt: Showdown has added a number of important updates since crawl from Early Access in February. Single-player mode was added in June, and spectator testing began in August.

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