Huntail is an ugly snake and a bad omen

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All Pokemon are interesting and worth talking about.I haven’t played a lot Pokemon, But I enjoy the universe, and I love to learn more about the creatures in it. So here’s another Pokemon! This is Huntail!

Huntail details

Type: water

Average height: 5 ’07 “

Average weight: 59.5 lbs

First added in Generation III

Don’t judge the book by the cover. Similarly, you should never judge a Pokemon by what it looks like. But not doing that alone can be really, really difficult. Take, for example, Huntail, a flashy-looking idiot that seems to be some kind of terrible sea snake. Oh, if you see it washed up on the shore, it’s a sign that something bad is coming. So it’s ugly, it’s bad at what it does, and it leads to a terrible future. It’s like Donald Trump’s Pokemon!

The first Huntail to appear in the third generation is the sea snake Pokemon, one of the final forms of Clamperl. According to the Pokédex entry found on Bulbapedia, Swim with a twisted body. But it’s a little terrible in swimming. I don’t understand why many Pokemon live in the sea and don’t like swimming. You would think evolution would have understood them all millions of years or so ago. Maybe nature didn’t have the right stones or anything to evolve some species to their best shape. Suck for Mother Nature. Get a guide or something and come on.

Passing through an ugly and stupid face, there is a strange tail on the edge of the body. At first, I thought this was a strangely drawn tail. The Pokemon we previously covered here had sometimes strange, out-of-place body parts and appendages. For example, look at the Huntail head fins. However, according to Pokédex entries, it actually uses this tail to seduce nearby fish and other small sea creatures. Then it attacks and swallows them all at once with their big mouth. Does it really look like a fish? I do not think so. Then again, it may be preying on the stupidest fish in the ocean. It sounds like it makes sense to me, but again, it makes sense because I’ve already suggested that it’s like Donald Trump.

Oh, be careful if you see one of these things sitting on the coastline of your local beach. According to tradition, something unfortunate happens when the hunter is washed away on the beach. Well, something beyond the need to come across an ugly snake fish.

Random facts

  • Huntail lives below sea level. It has a strong spine and can withstand the intense pressure felt on the seabed. It was also fed up with people like me calling it ugly. Fair.
  • It can illuminate the tail and it may explain how it can attract what fish. There is no joke about the hunter being lit.
  • In France, this Pokemon is called Serpent, a much better name.

Last week’s best comment

If you plan to make pork, do Grumpig. It’s thick and not cute, and you get free pearls every time you slaughter.

-Jhelter Skelter

Just because I started Swinub doesn’t mean I’m full, nor does it mean I won’t eat any more Pokemon in the future. It’s a promise I keep for all of you.

Also shout to Kotaku My Michael Fahey who suggested the Swinub headline!

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