Hunted or hunted with “AWol for Other” now available on Roblox for Xbox One

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are lucky, there is another full moon. There is no better way than playing Otter Space to celebrate this year’s horrific festival. Roblox Horror game Wolves or others (More properly abbreviated as AWOO) With friends on Xbox One?

Wolves or others Is an asymmetric multiplayer game about a small community of people who have to fight ferocious beasts every full moon. But there is a twist! The monster is hiding between them and it’s hunting. You never know when your closest ally may actually turn into your worst nightmare.

Roblox-Wolf or Other

Originally inspired by murder mystery games, lead developer Vital Winter creates a dark, themed experience with Roblox that allows players to enjoy the desperate fun of social deception games and the thrill of hide-and-seek. I wanted to. After repeated development for a while Wolves or others Was born. And in less than a few years, Roblox has already reached hundreds of millions of visits.

Roblox-Wolf or Other

In each round, players are randomly assigned to one of three unique roles. Your goal as a civilian is to avoid eating alive. This is easy to say. That’s because anyone chosen as a werewolf can smell prey through the wall and even return to humans to avoid detection. Fortunately, on the civilian side is a hunter armed with a crossbow and silver bolts. All humans need to win is one shot. Stick with us and aim for the truth. Then you may be able to survive this evil night.

Roblox-Wolf or Other

Wolves or others It’s still under active development, so stay tuned for new maps and other features!

From all of us RobloxHave fun and have a fantastic Halloween!


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Hunt or Be Hunted in “A Wolf or Other,” Now Available on Roblox for Xbox One

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