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Hurricane Aida is expected to be a dangerous Category 4 storm

As the city prepares for the arrival of Hurricane Aida as a Category 4 storm, possible traffic congestion and delays (especially Interstate Highway 10) are expected as evacuation is underway in and around New Orleans. increase.

Aida is expected to arrive on the Louisiana coast 16 years later, as the infamous Hurricane Katrina struck the city as a Category 3 storm.

AccuWeather forecasters expect Ida to land as a Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 130-156mph on Sunday. However, Accuweather warns that Ida could become a Category 5 hurricane before landing during a rapid intensification.

Residents and travelers on the Louisiana coast, along the Mississippi River, Alabama, and western Florida Panhandle need to be prepared for the dangerous effects of Aida. According to Accuweather, as Ida moves inland, some roads can be blocked by rising water, fallen trees, and other debris. Extensive power outages are expected in the Central Gulf and the Mississippi Delta region.

As of today’s 8:00 am EST, Accuweather reports that “Aida is located in the southeastern part of the Gulf of Mexico, traveling northwest at 16 mph, with a maximum wind speed of 80 mph. Aida is Category 1. The hurricane (maximum wind speed 74 miles). The strong winds in the hurricane extended up to 25 miles outward from the center of the storm, and the strong winds in the tropical low pressure extended outward up to 115 miles. “

“Aida could rain heavily on Sundays and Mondays in the central Gulf from southeastern Louisiana to the coast of Mississippi, with life-threatening flashes and urban floods and serious consequences,” said the National Meteorological Bureau’s Eastern Regional Headquarters this morning. Bringing the effects of river floods. Ida will move inland and could experience significant flood effects on Monday and Tuesday in southern Mississippi and parts of the Tennessee Valley. “

Various warnings have been issued along part of the central part of the Gulf. Hurricane alerts are valid from the central Louisiana coast to the border between Louisiana and the Mississippi River. Tropical Cyclone Alerts and Hurricane Monitoring are conducted on parts of the western coast of Louisiana and on the south coast of Mississippi.

The Louisiana Police Department posted on its Facebook page this morning: “Remember that travelers have the medicines they need to communicate, non-perishable foods, all the important documents and chargers. In the event of a roadside emergency, they are informed. For more information on shelters, please call 211. For road closure information, drivers can use the 511 telephone system., Or Louisiana 511 smartphone application.

For the latest information related to Hurricane Aida, citizens can send a text message to 67283 with “Aida”.

Hurricane Aida is expected to be a dangerous Category 4 storm Hurricane Aida is expected to be a dangerous Category 4 storm

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