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Recruitment: Danny Lamar Husband

Royal Barbados police are seeking civilian assistance to find Husband Danny Lamar, who has been cross-examined in connection with a serious criminal case.

Her husband, whose last known address is 15H Ferneyhurst, BlackRock, St. Michael, Ashbyland, Oistins, and Christ Church, is about 5 feet 9 inches tall, dark complexion, and slim. His hairstyle is low, his face is oval, and he has a 1-inch scar just below his right eye.

The husband is advised to be able to appear in the CID of the Oistins Police Department with a lawyer of his choice.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mrs. Danny Lamar, the Oistin Police Station CID (phone number 418-2608), police emergency (211), criminal investigator (1-800-TIPS (8477)), or You will be asked to contact the nearest police station. Police station.

Citizen members also keep in mind that it is a serious offense to contain or support a wanted person, and anyone arrested for committing this offense may be prosecuted. (PR / SAT)

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Husband Danny Lamar – NationNews Barbados — Husband Danny Lamar – NationNews Barbados —

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