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HVIA calls for a safety strategy focused on fleet modernization

Peak Body wants an NRSS with a wide range of national propulsion for safer vehicles

Gregory Forbes

The Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry (HVIA) is seeking stronger incentives for newer, safer and more productive vehicles in its next National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) and Action Plan.

While supporting the need for a new strategy for 2021-2030, national policy and government relations manager Gregory Forbes said HVIA wants stronger words about incentives for new vehicle adoption.

“This strategy recognizes that new vehicles and their associated safety technologies play a major role in reducing road tolls, but uses soft language that encourages and encourages voluntary uptake.” Says Forbes.

“HVIA wants to strategically call on all parties, including politicians, businesses, community organizations and the general public, to do everything possible to promote the adoption of these vehicles.

“Incentives don’t have to be cash and don’t have to be provided by the government. Some of the most effective incentives are to increase road user productivity, reduce costs, or attract more business. Is what makes it possible. “

The NRSS draft has received harsh criticism from the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad), and its members consider its approach to be distorted and lack industry insight.

Learn more about Nat Road’s position in the NRSS draft

HVIA wants everyone to incentivize safer vehicles by implementing safe systems in their daily activities.

“This includes in-house purchasing practices or incentives for contractors to implement a secure system approach and buy newer, safer vehicles,” Forbes says.

Although not all brick bats, the HVIA submission states that the report identifies fleet age reduction as an important part of its strategy and welcomes further research on the best ways to achieve this.

We also encourage the use of new performance-based standard (PBS) vehicles in infrastructure planning and investment, rural roads and remote areas “because of the proven benefits of both road safety and productivity”. It also suggests that it contains words to do.

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HVIA calls for a safety strategy focused on fleet modernization HVIA calls for a safety strategy focused on fleet modernization

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