Hyperscape console cross-play is now available

Ubisoft Hyperscape Will be released on Thursday 17th at the Epic Games Storeth December. In addition, console cross-play is now available with Hyper Scape’s Winter Festival. In addition to these major updates, there are new improvements to Team Deathmatch Mode (Beta) recently added to Hyper Scape, but the Marketplace as part of Combat, Arcadium Free Roaming Mode, and the Title Update that released 10. Was also December. Learn more about Title Update 3.

Console cross play

Console cross-play is now available in Hyper Scape, allowing matchmaking between PlayStation and Xbox players in all Hyper Scape modes, including Crown Rush Battle Royale mode and Team Deathmatch. This includes players for both current and next-generation consoles. PC players can have parties with console friends on the same team. In this case, the entire team will be placed in the PC Matchmaking Pool.


Hyper Scape will be available on the Epic Games Store starting December. PC players will be able to download, install and play Hyper Scape for free on both Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store.

Winter festival

Winter is coming to Hyper Scape from 15th Until December 29thth December! Discover snow-covered Neo Arcadia and brand new festive cosmetics and join the holiday celebrations.

Team Deathmatch (Beta)

Following the first release on the 18thth Team Deathmatch Beta has been improved in November and 2010th December title update:

  • Random Map Rotation: Random map rotation available to feature three team deathmatch maps (Foundry, Hillside, Basudepo)
  • New score cap: Match kill cap increased to 50, maximum match time increased to 12 minutes
  • Activated Challenges: Standard Challenges Now Enabled in Team Deathmatch

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Hyper Scape Console Crossplay Now Available

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