Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review: A must-see for Zelda fans

Most people have two things to tell you The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.. For one, the genre-defining open world adventure is amazing, if not one of the greatest games ever. And second, they want them to experience it again and freshly.

So far, Nintendo hasn’t yet perfected the mind-wrenching technology needed to make it happen, Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster It may be the next best option. It’s like finding a director’s cut for your favorite movie, or finding that a great book author has a lot more about where it came from. For dozens of hours Age of calamity You can spend more time with your beloved characters in a world where you may not have wanted to leave in the first place.Perhaps the most notable thing about this is that Age of calamity Pay tribute to everything you make Breath of the Wild Great while establishing its own grandeur.

I don’t know if you get about as much Age of calamity If you didn’t play Breath of the Wild, Or if you’re a hardcore “Musou” fan who wants Koei Tecmo to take its signature hack and slash series to a new frontier. If I had to choose one, Age of calamity It’s like a crossover game aimed at introducing new people to this genre, known for its large-scale and flashy battles. In some respects, the game assumes that you have already invested in a character from that epic story.

Breath of the Wild By the time Link awakens, it happens in a devastated world 100 years later, where many of mythical heroes have long died. Of course, you go on to save the day, but knowing the enormous price paid to ensure your ultimate victory was a deep sense of melancholy and melancholy. Age of calamityThe suggestion as its first part is juicy: what if I could play all the events I heard? Breath of the Wild??

Image: Koei Tecmo Games / Nintendo, via polygon

Age of calamity Starting from its devastating future, and mysteriously throwing a mysterious robot into the whirlpool of time travel. I was immediately intrigued by that premise and was wondering how things would or would deviate from the timeline I played. BOTW..

Everything I took for granted Breath of the Wild Does not necessarily exist in Age of calamity, At least not at first. Watch the Shake Tower build and see how Zelda convinces the champion to steer the beast. Despite knowing exactly what everything was and where the comprehensive story was heading, I was still excited to participate in everything.

It is clear that Koei Tecmo loves sauce materials deeply.Japanese developers have found a way to incorporate almost every element from BOTW To Age of calamityFrom collecting koroku for power-ups to collecting ingredients for cooking that affect your status. Even minor things like bespoke animations of all characters are infused with undeniable awe and joy. Link doesn’t just kill enemies with a sword. He also shields surfing with Reinel’s face.

But most of the time, combat is hellish. Few games feel so cool to pull off even a simple combo, so I started learning more detailed techniques. I was surprised when I cut down a huge enemy mob with the ease and elegance inherent in the Hero of Time.

I was particularly excited to see how Age of calamity Turned Princess Zelda into a complete villain.After spending the whole Breath of the Wild I was happy to see Zelda lamenting that he could no longer contribute to the war. Age of calamity Let her take on a more practical role. Sure, most of the game still speculates second on her ability to awaken the power Zelda needs to defeat Disaster Ganon, but that doesn’t mean Zelda is extremely incompetent.

Where Breath of the Wild Present a more accurate story about the adventures of a hero. Age of calamityThe scale of is much more spectacular. Combat takes place over large (and sometimes confusing) maps full of enemies, and it’s your job to consider the entire arena, not just your direct view. I divided my attention into multiple ways and sent out the character to protect the points of interest. With the push of a button, you can swap different characters according to your goals and changes in points of interest. The scope was large enough to reinforce that it was leading the war, not the instantiated combat.

When playing with Nintendo Switch Lite, Age of calamity Sometimes it buckles under its own weight. When I realized I was killing an enemy quickly, I had to wait for the game to load further. Sometimes things get choppy and slow when the arena is enthusiastic about myriad abilities and effects. The texture pop-in is constant. The game doesn’t seem to completely handle the range of wars you want to show, at least on Nintendo Switch. That said, none of these technical issues were bad enough to prevent me from enjoying the game.

Hyrule Warriors Rune Attack Screen: Age of Calamity

Image: Koei Tecmo Games / Nintendo, via polygon

In most cases, what the game asked me was pretty easy.You spend Lots He tried to capture points overrun by Bokoblin and other such creatures, and was tasked with clearing larger bosses like Stonetals and Guardians. Sometimes, Age of calamity Switch the situation by requesting that you interact with the environment in several different ways, such as cutting down a tree to block the path.But most of the time, the game provides you with a series of playgrounds and you Breath of the WildThe iconic cast of the champion.

And let me tell you: they are called champions for a reason. There is a large roster of unlocking characters, and almost all of them have a unique playstyle. For example, DARC is a slow and steady beast driven to the ground, and Lebari is a swift soldier who can fly. My favorite should be Urbosa. Urbosa charges forward with lighting attacks that need to be charged. When you see Urbosa snap his fingers and bolt the battlefield, it never gets old. All of them have a clear enthusiasm — Urbosa turns to the camera and laughs when the enemy is decimated. The power and joy of life is engrossing. I rarely play a brown woman who kicks a butt like this.

Although the core gameplay loop remains the same throughout Age of calamityWith extended game time, I never got tired of it. I switched characters over and over to make sure everyone leveled up and had powerful weapons. The game is deep enough to fight preparations, as you can collect different weapons of different strengths. One wide sword may strengthen your defense, while another may give you more rupees after a successful mission. These effects can be combined as you fuse and level up your weapons.

Unlocking extra hearts, combos, merchants, and equipment requires a lot of technically repetitive side quests, which I enjoyed. Whether discovering a more effective combination of Shaika’s abilities, or using a different set of equipment and power-ups, I’ve always found new depths of combat.

Eventually, it became a game to see how quickly you could destroy the enemies that scared me. Avoiding the perfect timing that caused a catastrophic gust attack is better. The game also brings you many novel challenges, such as plunging you into an optional battle that can kill you with a single hit. With a clock remaining in a second or two, there’s nothing like breaking a level with a half-heart in your name.

The game never fully embraces the potential opportunity of that time travel premise, but I’ve always been crazy about it.Perhaps it helped it Breath of the Wild I’ve already done such a good job of establishing a stake. Age of calamity I didn’t have to do much to pull the same heart string. At times, all the dramas could be rejuvenated with only painful gazes and short cutscenes of shimmering voices.

Age of calamityAs always, your mission is not to save the world again than you would imagine being one of those experts. Breath of the Wild A speed runner that can slice Lynels as if it were nothing. And I’m happy to be able to indulge in that power fantasy.

Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster Released on Nintendo Switch on November 20th. The game was reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite using the pre-release download code provided by Nintendo. Vox Media has an affiliate partnership. These do not affect your edited content, but Vox Media may earn commissions on products purchased through affiliate links.Can be found Click here for additional information on polygon ethics..

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