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Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster Tell the story of the crucial war of a catastrophe Breath of the Wild A timeline that is essentially all of the reasons that exist. Anyone who is remotely familiar with the 2017 masterpiece probably now knows how to do it. Era of calamity Link, the series hero, loses a nearly deadly battle with Calamity Ganon and falls asleep for 100 years while Princess Zelda is imprisoned in Hyrule Castle. This is also a fateful war in which the four champions of the beasts are about to end their lives.

Hyrule Warriors: The Age of Disaster
Developer: Omega Force
Price: $ 60
Platform: Nintendo Switch
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warning. This review contains minor story spoilers for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This is not really the case It story.Despite what you might have read Era of calamity, It’s not the first part Breath of the Wild.. Rather, it’s a modified timeline – the fact that I don’t mind spoiling because it’s obvious right from the start. Era of calamity Begins with the very same conquered and dilapidated version of Hyrule previously explored by wild heroes. War machines, such as mechanical spiders known as guardians, continue to cause havoc even after a catastrophe is determined, causing boxes to fall off the shelves in the workshop. A much smaller egg-shaped guardian, known as Terraco, crawls out and is soon blown up through a space-time rift, sending the R2D2 fill-in character to the beginning of the war.

Q eye roll.

From here, you can easily see the familiar route that this story follows. Knowing the tragedy of Hyrule, Terraco helps Link and his friends through the next war. Terraco isn’t a playable character in the main story, but it’s useful for scenes that may have been played more direly on the original timeline. (This is not explicitly mentioned, kind of Changed timeline points. ) Finally, and as expected, Terraco’s interference changes the outcome of the catastrophe in favor of our heroes, Breath of the Wild does not exist.

Era of calamity Is not really a game developed by Nintendo, and the Omega Force team working on this project has the right to tell its own story. The Legend of Zelda The series is also no stranger to time travel. In the past, he relied on metaphors as both a mechanic and a plot device with the following blockbusters: Ocarina of Time And Oracle of Ages.. Therefore, the little robots that stop by from the future to save the day are not completely out of the left fielder.But going the most derivative and obvious path seems like a strange choice, especially when: Breath of the Wild It clearly shows the basis of the compelling first part of the opening act. The retelling of that history may have been predictable (although this expression is not so much anyway), but at least it would have given more depth and vitality to the previously established context.Instead, the given framework Era of calamity It’s clunky and undermines the inclusive story.

Even as an independent title, the story is at best awkward and cliché. Even in 2020, the story dealing with the modified timeline provided a better offer.But Era of calamity At least update some of the characters in the series. Zelda, for example, is even more suspicious of his ability to protect his friends. Many times she has been at the heart of exciting scenes, demonstrating the dynamism a well-written character should have.The Ega clan Master Koga is another example of a character that only improves development. Era of calamity..

In all other respects Era of calamity It’s not as good as the fantasy it’s trying to sell. Its main attraction is the Warriors-style gameplay. Breath of the WildAppeared on the front line of a catastrophe. For those unfamiliar with this genre (like me before this game), it is summarized in controlling a small platoon of Hyrule’s best warriors through a series of battles that make up the war.

Thank you for the philosophy of wartime strategy that this genre is trying to promote. Task-driven events, such as occupying an outpost or taking out the top leaders of an enemy faction in a densely populated skirmish, give the whole a sense of grandeur and realism. And all of that is certainly on display here.I don’t know how Era of calamity Stacked in Jaguar notebooks of genres like Dynasty warriorBut perhaps that approach seems too pointless. I’m painting with wide strokes, ignoring the details I expected before entering. Most of the loop is spent wiping out hundreds or even thousands of enemies in a single battle, often just crushing the same button. that’s all. Omega Force offers a great variety of playable characters and abilities.Just a link to choose from 3 weapon styles before the scenario and all characters have access to Breath of the WildShake Rune – Another result of Terraco’s interference. However, this is controversial when you realize that all enemies are susceptible to the same strategies and techniques. There is nothing here that encourages or rewards you to deviate from the chronic button masher, except for your own motivation and courage. Even game bosses are subject to the same dumb hacks and slashes.However, change the required pace Era of calamityEnthusiastic and exaggerated battle. Unlike small enemies, bosses have a shield (called a weakness gauge) that needs to be scraped off before it can cause significant damage to the health bar.

There are lots of smoke and mirrors working to make your team and environment look part of it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to see Bokoblin fly in the sky like a bowling pin after throwing a shimmering bomb volley. Players can also control Divine Beasts, four giant machines that can destroy anything in the wake. These missions were a few times when the total mess I was creating was actually believed.Something else that feels perfect comes when they are included, like Shake’s runes Breath of the Wild.. Despite my many complaints about this game, the world was at least friendly and comfortable.

Perhaps many of my problems are due to my unfamiliarity with the Warriors genre. Everything on display looks accurate, but it’s clear that some mechanics are missing to actually sell the illusion. Era of calamity It tells two disagreements. First, Calamity Ganon has besieged the land, survived the indomitable power fantasy, defeated tens of thousands of enemies with one character, and is always on the verge of defeat.

The last word
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity cannot provide meaningful fantasy through stories or gameplay. There is a small comfort found in its characterization and more extra mechanics.

– MonsterVine Rating: 3 out of 5 stars – average

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review – Zelda Infinity War

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